November Garden Tour

Friday, November 1, 2019

November Garden Tour is up on YouTube
I took you for a stroll of our 3 acres showing the vegetable, flower, herb beds and orchard. But beware- it is very real and authentic as not a lot of gardening has been done over the last 10 months while I’ve been studying. But I am excited to have such a wonderful blank canvas. I’ll do another video 1st December so you can see the plantings of my summer garden

And yes I am all finished - and now just wait for the official paperwork, register and then qualify as a Medical Herbalist. It sure feels GRAND! 

So for next four months I'm whipping my gardens into shape and going to enjoy summer - my favourite season of all. I'll be a little brown berry by the end of summer with all the days I have planned in the gardens. JOY!


  1. way to go! you must be so proud!!! it's 36 degrees right now and i am as happy as a clam!

  2. thanks Joyce it is a good feeling. Spring has arrived and we are in for a week of perfect weather to live in the garden. just right temp for a summer heat you would enjoy.


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