New Chickens

Monday, September 23, 2019

Gosh what a difference a week makes, the first photo was taken nine days ago and look at all the blossom on the trees.

A week a go we got some new chickens and I'm just loading it on to the blog. So for my own records the new girls arrived Sunday 15th September.

We have quite a Practical Magic naming theme going on....

This is Gilly - well really Gillian but as we personally know a Gillian she is called Gilly. Gilly is a Wyandotte.

Here is Sally - she has the sweetest little black tail ever! She is a Buff Sussex.

Here we have Aunt Bridget (left) - and as we personally know a Bridget she is called Jet. Jet has black eyes and feet. She is a Lavender Orpington.

To the rear of Bridget is Aunt Francis she is a Lavender Cuckoo Orpington.

 or is it Uncle Francis?? The tail feathers are indicating possibly....
We keep hearing a croaky crow, and Aunt or Uncle Francis is taking a wee while to settle in. We sure hope it is not another rooster. I wish she would lay an egg and then we would know for sure!

Bertie does seem to give Aunt/Unc Francis a run about. The man who delivered the hens to us did say he was not sure - but we would know straight away as a wee fight would happen - OH MY!

Just no big dust ups, but it has taken until yesterday for all to settle in. Now to sort out the mystery of a croaky crow in the morning.

You can see Jet and Aunt Francis keep away from the rest of the flock.

Out of our original flock we have Wanderer still in here.  Brodie and Frizzle have a coop of their own as Bertie was dealing to Frizzle - we thought she was going to cark it - she should really as James was only 7 when we got her and Brodie is a hen we raised when James was about 9. So that makes them 15 and 13 years old..... Hang on, Frizzle was about a year or two before we got her.

Animals just live forever with us. - So as I was saying we bought a retirement chicken coop for them and I'll get some photos next week of them.

This is Florence she is an araucana (as is Bertie the Rooster) she's my fav!! And she lays blue/green eggs.

Oh we should get 42 eggs per week if all lay.

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  1. marvelous and i lOVE the names! you might have to change francis to jimmy angelove though! we still have the never ending summer here.


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