First Lamb

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I've been extra busy of late and Vlogging/Blogging is just on the back burner until October..... when I'll have some spare time.

But I am popping in to share photos of the very first Suffolk pure bred lamb we have bred.
So special
Not sure if it is a girl or a boy. - I hope it's a girl.

Felicity is the mum and I did not think she would have her lambs before Betsy or Sweet Pea. Looks like we might get more lambs tomorrow - Friday 13th or Saturday Full Moon.

I am fluffing around in Instagram most days with a daily photo....

I adore this time of year - having lambs in your back yard is just the BEST!!


  1. oh my! lambs! what can be cuter? we still have full blown summer here...blah!

    1. Hopefully more today or tomorrow. We have a mild spring here - it's lovely Hope fall arrives for you soon. Friday 13th here today and you guys get a Full Moon too wacko!!

  2. Replies
    1. Terribly fun to look out my window and see lambs. Best part of year ALWAYS


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