Making Nut Milk and a Warm Treat.

Sunday, August 4, 2019
Vlog 6. Making your own nut milk and a little treat

This weeks vlog I share how I make nut milk - then make a little plant based treat. Vlogging has not come natural for me - there is quite an art to holding a camera and recording what one is doing. PLUS it is a totally different experience talking to oneself. Anyway I have managed to put another vlog up. Bloopers and all.

A few notes re nut milks.
Soaking the nuts first helps remove the natural enzyme inhibitors that nuts have which are difficult for our human bodies to break down and digest. Each nut has a different recommend time frame to be soaked. Eg. Almonds 10-12 hours, hazelnuts 4-6 hours. For ease I just start soaking in the morning and the next day I drain and rinse well to make the milk.

I speak briefly in the vlog that I am not a fan of packaged nut milk - it is much better to make your own. If not do look at the ingredient list for the additive carrageenan which is found in many organic nut milks. Want to know more about carrageenan click on this link. 

A vitamix is a new to me gadget which is worth investing in when the funds allow.

The Hot chocolate sphere's are available at Common Sense Organics or from She Universe

See you next week.


  1. Yum. I like the idea of making nut milk. I am better off when i am GF and Lactose free. And when I live on my own (later this year) I plan to go as plastic free as possible as well and thought I would stock up at the Bin Inn etc. and use glass jars for storage.
    What do you use your left over nut paste in, out of interest?

    1. It does take time to swap from plastic to glass, but just go slow and make small changes and before you know it you will be glass free. I will share in a future vlog what we use nut pulp in.

  2. BTW I enjoyed reading the Carrageenan article and had never heard of that link before.
    Also I loved the Vlog and chuckled when you spotted the whole in your merino top. I have some tops I am thinking of doing some visible repairs on. I love the idea and the look

    1. I'm a hole type gal, doubt I'll mend - my home clothes are what I live in - I'm usually in the garden or tending to animals so my clothes get a battering. When I go out I have a capsule wardrobe


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