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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Week 7 of Vlogging.
Well this week nearly didn't get a vlog. I learnt that you cannot delete any videos on Ipad while trying to upload. My Ipad said it was too full so I deleted videos that had been put into Imovie. However even though the movie was made, the videos were still needed to Upload to YouTube.

I'm a learning!!

Quilt Block I am making is a Maple Leaf inspired by Lori Holt. I say inspired as since I have made the vlog, I've totally changed my mind and in another vlog I will explain why. I nearly ditched this video - but as I'm learning and trying to put one up a week I've included it and I LOVE Lori Holt's work!!

These are Lori Holt's Books I talked about in vlog and can be purchased at The Fat Quarter Shop (well pre order for book 2)

Hopefully I will TRY and make a Vlog next week but I'm deep into research papers at the moment. I'm nearly FINISHED my medical herbalist study.... past more papers this week - VERY AWESOME. The end is near!!

So maybe maybe not see you next week.

PS Spring not far away ... the lambs will be due from 10th September.


we got our first eggs - a sure sign spring is a coming 


  1. aw thanks! It is terrible fun learning something new, Hope to do more soon

  2. Great to watch your vlog - hear your voice and see your surroundings :-) Have fun sewing!!

    1. PS I have that book of Lori's too - and have been eyeing up the second one!

  3. I'm tracking the UPS - my copy should be here TODAY. Plus a month today I will be all finished study and have some spare time to sew.


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