Name the Ewe

Monday, July 8, 2019
Vlog 2. - All about sheep and looking for a name for a ewe.

Vlog Notes:

Homeschool Curriculum - Five in A Row - volume 3.

Warm as Wool - picture book by Scott Russell Sanders.

Breed of sheep - Texel and Suffolk

Town in New Zealand - Reikorangi  - Reikorangi translated into English means ‘the gate’ or ‘gateway to heaven’

I'm looking forward to all the sheep names you come up with for the girl.

As a recap - the names of our other sheep are Sweet Pea, and the two suffolk girls are Faith & Felicity. 

Love Leanne


  1. lamb chop? or is that just wrong?

    1. LOL - yes back to naming is NOT going to end well! BUT there are changes a happening and these MIGHT be pet sheep.... MIGHT!

  2. That's interesting, Scott Russell Sanders lives just a few blocks from me. He's written a bunch of books but I never knew that he'd written any children's books. He was a professor here at Indiana University for many years. I'm thinking that he retired several years ago but is still busy writing.

  3. Hi Viv, sorry for delay in reply I'm still working out how moderated comments work. Such a shame I have to do this but the spam is horrible. WOW small world re Scott, if you ever do bump into him please do say how much I have enjoyed his book and what he started LOL here in New Zealand. Love Leanne


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