First Lamb

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I've been extra busy of late and Vlogging/Blogging is just on the back burner until October..... when I'll have some spare time.

But I am popping in to share photos of the very first Suffolk pure bred lamb we have bred.
So special
Not sure if it is a girl or a boy. - I hope it's a girl.

Felicity is the mum and I did not think she would have her lambs before Betsy or Sweet Pea. Looks like we might get more lambs tomorrow - Friday 13th or Saturday Full Moon.

I am fluffing around in Instagram most days with a daily photo....

I adore this time of year - having lambs in your back yard is just the BEST!!

A New Quilt...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Week 7 of Vlogging.
Well this week nearly didn't get a vlog. I learnt that you cannot delete any videos on Ipad while trying to upload. My Ipad said it was too full so I deleted videos that had been put into Imovie. However even though the movie was made, the videos were still needed to Upload to YouTube.

I'm a learning!!

Quilt Block I am making is a Maple Leaf inspired by Lori Holt. I say inspired as since I have made the vlog, I've totally changed my mind and in another vlog I will explain why. I nearly ditched this video - but as I'm learning and trying to put one up a week I've included it and I LOVE Lori Holt's work!!

These are Lori Holt's Books I talked about in vlog and can be purchased at The Fat Quarter Shop (well pre order for book 2)

Hopefully I will TRY and make a Vlog next week but I'm deep into research papers at the moment. I'm nearly FINISHED my medical herbalist study.... past more papers this week - VERY AWESOME. The end is near!!

So maybe maybe not see you next week.

PS Spring not far away ... the lambs will be due from 10th September.


we got our first eggs - a sure sign spring is a coming 

Making Nut Milk and a Warm Treat.

Sunday, August 4, 2019
Vlog 6. Making your own nut milk and a little treat

This weeks vlog I share how I make nut milk - then make a little plant based treat. Vlogging has not come natural for me - there is quite an art to holding a camera and recording what one is doing. PLUS it is a totally different experience talking to oneself. Anyway I have managed to put another vlog up. Bloopers and all.

A few notes re nut milks.
Soaking the nuts first helps remove the natural enzyme inhibitors that nuts have which are difficult for our human bodies to break down and digest. Each nut has a different recommend time frame to be soaked. Eg. Almonds 10-12 hours, hazelnuts 4-6 hours. For ease I just start soaking in the morning and the next day I drain and rinse well to make the milk.

I speak briefly in the vlog that I am not a fan of packaged nut milk - it is much better to make your own. If not do look at the ingredient list for the additive carrageenan which is found in many organic nut milks. Want to know more about carrageenan click on this link. 

A vitamix is a new to me gadget which is worth investing in when the funds allow.

The Hot chocolate sphere's are available at Common Sense Organics or from She Universe

See you next week.

William Morris

Sunday, July 28, 2019
Vlog 5. William Morris & craft

I've had such a lot of fun making a toy dog using William Morris Holiday fabric from a jelly roll which I purchased online via Buzy Bee Quilt Shop.

The pattern and inspiration was from Kate whose Vlog is The Last Homely House East of the Sea.
Kate has a series of vlogs where she shows you how to make the English Paper Piecing for the dog. I bet you all will make one too!

Ribbon Rose  is where I got my paper from - I brought Sue Daley 2 inch squares. You can get all shapes and sizes for any English paper piece projects - a great little cheat! She is on TradeMe too and that way you don't have to pay postage if you spend a certain amount. You can get the plastic templates too to fussy cut fabric. But using the jelly roll was a supercheats way as they were already cut at 2.5 inches so I just had to cut them into squares - too easy!!

The glue pen is from Sew Line - but again you can get a Sue Daley one - just remember the two different brands do not fit each other - so you need a pen and refill from just one brand.  Grandmother's Garden sells SewLine

My patchwork quilt is called a Grandmother's flower garden and is all English pieced and hand sewn - put away for another day to be finished.

The crochet baby blanket is a Granny Stripe pattern.

And YES! I am starting a new quilt - I have lasted over half a year of not starting something new. Planning what to make is always my favorite part of crafting. 2020 might be the year of finishing............

See you next week.

Winter Flowers

Friday, July 26, 2019

A quick tour of what is is flower in my garden.
I seem to prefer winter flowers as do not really grow flowers for summer - I'm more a vegetable gardener in summer. But I do love Sunflowers and roses.

It's been a mild winter - but still the winter bugs nailed me SIGH!  I think this is why I really do not like winter as my lungs have a weakness in winter. So Vlog 4 is a bit rough n ready - as I'm really wanting to try and Vlog once a week I did hobble around with the camera.

The camellia's are a joy - Brent has been making a red camellia garden out the front over the years and I have a few firm favourites in there.

Roger Hall 
Black Lace
Dr. Burnside
Canterbury Japonica
Crimson King

I really wish I was an organised gardener and kept better records of what is planted in the garden. _ The Blog/Video's are my why of trying to keep a record. SMILE.

Under the flowering cherry trees I planted spring bulbs and in between them are going to be all dahlia's. I'm so lucky and thankful that Brent has agreed to help me dig  new dahlia beds as I want to claim back where I planted them for vegetables. I think I'm a vegetable grower at heart really. It will look pretty walking up the driveway spring and summer, and I do adore snowdrops that bloom in winter.

Saving Bean seeds from my garden

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Vlog 3. Saving Bean seeds from my garden

Beans I have saved are:
White Scotch - also known as Takamatua White - a runner bean.
Takamatua Black Seeded - a runner bean.
Painted Lady - a runner bean.
Scarlet Runner
Broadbean Scottish

These can be purchased from Koanga Gardens and I've linked above to each bean so it's easy for you to purchase some too.

It's one of my many hobbies growing heritage vegetables and most of my seeds for my garden have come from the great work of Kay Baxter in saving our nutrient dense New Zealand heritage seeds.

Thanks for name ideas for the ewe - she is Betsy. So we have Faith, Sweetpea, Felicity and Betsy. More names will be required after 10th September when lambing begins.

Name the Ewe

Monday, July 8, 2019
Vlog 2. - All about sheep and looking for a name for a ewe.

Vlog Notes:

Homeschool Curriculum - Five in A Row - volume 3.

Warm as Wool - picture book by Scott Russell Sanders.

Breed of sheep - Texel and Suffolk

Town in New Zealand - Reikorangi  - Reikorangi translated into English means ‘the gate’ or ‘gateway to heaven’

I'm looking forward to all the sheep names you come up with for the girl.

As a recap - the names of our other sheep are Sweet Pea, and the two suffolk girls are Faith & Felicity. 

Love Leanne
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