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Sunday, May 26, 2019

I tried to blog last week, these are the photos from that attempt.

Now it is a week later and I still have not posted.

Quick catch up....

It has been an AMAZING autumn sooo mild. I love it. WISH  I was not studying so I could be outside ALL the time. My constant wording is NEXT YEAR I will.... BUT I am loving the study and thrilled I am passing the assignments and getting fab knowledge. Brent is a wonderful hubby and oh I can hardly wait to share what we have decided to do............ once I have graduated ............MAN I am EXCITED!!

We lost one of our new chickens SUCKY!! SOB. She is under a new feijoa tree, wow we are going to have soo many feijoas in years to come.

No hens are laying, STILL! Like free food, free board, BEST ever retirement home.

I miss seeing my sheep they are over in back paddock grazing and they want to come home. BUT I have to be strong and they need to graze that paddock.

I finally accepted I can not read my knitting and started again the HedgeWitch Shawl  BUT I am doing it back to front in all manner. Such a good decision.

Will TRY and blog THIS week


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Where do I start?? I had a wonderful weekend. A weekend off the computer, no study, no clients, no chores (well I still did washing as I like washing, feed and clean animals because that is a joy not a chore). I have been overdoing it (as is my personality) and took the weekend off life.

I hope you too had a good weekend.

Saturday began with a FREE trip to the dentist. I was one of their Facebook winners. Beach Side Dental Clinic run it every year and give away 30 appointments I think it was. It was one way to get me to the dentist LOL! I had recently been (months ago but recent enough for me).So I chose a clean with the hygenist. I am sure readers of the blog know that dentists are my absolute FEAR I turn into someone I am not - it's all rather queer really of who I become - a mess really. I can highly recommend this clinic to put you at ease.

 In the afternoon I sat down with the plans to rip back all of my Hedgewitch shawl. You see I had made a mistake quite a few rows back and happily knitted my own pattern... I cannot read knitting. Give me sewing and I can but not knitting. Abbey kindly said she would fix my mistake and saved me ripping it all back. Isn't she wonderful! So my goal is to try and get this shawl finished for Winter Solstice.

I spent a lovely few hours knitting and watching  the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin.
What a fabulous movie. Terribly sad - warning tissues are needed. 5/5 well worth seeing.

Sunday - Mother's Day. I woke up for the very first year in a long long time not sad on Mother's Day. I told Brent and he congratulated me on all the hard work I have been doing. Lots and lots of inner self healing. I'm still not ready to share my health journey or healing I am doing. Only because I do not want anyone else's opinion/s or comments. Nor do I want what I have chosen for ME be what someone else follows. Healing has to be your own journey and your own choices. I have made my own educated choice for ME.

I will share that when I got my medical diagnoses I searched the metaphysical meanings. One book I use as a naturopath and often put in the report back to clients is what their illness means metaphysical.

Abbey cooked breakfast, lunch and tea. It was delicious!! Young mums who read the blog I encourage you to teach your children to cook as look at the rewards!! Abbey is a really really good cook and much better than me with adapting recipes for gluten free and dairy free. Plus she loves cooking. Aren't I a lucky mum!! She NEEDS to write a cookbook!!

The family know I enjoy going to the movies and we all went to see The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir. Oh it was excellent - a fun light humours movie - well worth seeing 5/5 as we all enjoyed it.

On the left: Meghan with her mom and grandma. On the right: Archie with his mom and grandma!

Aren't these lovely photos !!

I tried to get a nice photo of my family on Mother's Day, Abbey refused (I wonder where she gets not liking her photo taken from) and this is what Brent & James let me have. - Both sucking limes!

I really had the best Mother's Day ever and I hope you did too. I know it can be a really hard day for many.

P R A Y E R. 
For all Mother’s. The Mommas to be. The Mother’s who are trying. For the Mother’s on the journey exploring new ways. For the Mother’s that never feel like they are enough.
For the Mother’s of a sick or disabled child. For the Mother’s who lost a child. Gave up their child. Chose not to have a child. For the Mother’s who are sick. The Mother’s who are healing. For those who lost their Mother. Watched their Mother die. For those grieving their Mother. For the children taking care of their Mother. 💛
For the ones that never knew their Mother. 
For the Mother’s who silently struggle. The Mother’s who are raising their children alone. For the Mother’s homeless or in poverty doing their very best. For the Mothers that feel isolated. scared. and alone. For the Mother’s battling addiction and mental illness. For the Mother’s of children who are battling addiction and mental illness. 💛
For the Mother’s and children victim of domestic abuse. For the Mother’s breaking the cycle. For those estranged from their Mother. For those healing and finding peace with their Mother. 💛
For the Mother’s of all of our ancestors and their Mothers| Mother’s. For many moons and many lifetimes. For the Mother’s that have passed on. 💛
For the Mother’s that don’t know their strength. Their power. Their beauty. For all Mother’s everywhere. You are loved. Your are Sacred. You are strong. You are the Sun, the Moon, and the Universe of all that is good. May this be felt deep within your heart and soul. May all beings be happy. May all beings be protected. May all beings be free.

Quilt Show.

Sunday, May 5, 2019
 I took some time off study yesterday to visit the quilt show at Kapiti Quilters.
Here are a few quilts that took my eye.

 I've a granny garden quilt all hand pieced - sitting to be quilted. This has inspired me to get mine finished... next year! (everything is next year with studying again)

 I loved the colours of this quilt and have not seen a quilt that has no binding on before.
Lovely quilting.

 The wording on the tag really made me chuckle. "It took three attempts over a period of 10 years to complete" Bravo I say!

Oh drool!! And William Morris fabric. Won a lot of ribbons - well deserved. 

 Happy Houses caught my eye and made me smile.

The last three were all made by friends in my quilting circle. We all did a class with Wendy - I started a cot quilt and then got very cross appliqueing circles. So it is put away until I hear news a baby is on the way - I'm sure I am safe until next year. It was wonderful seeing all the different fabrics. I especially loved Ros's use of the black. Well done Anne, Belinda and Ros for getting the quilts completed for the show. I had to make the decision to pull out of the quilting circle for this year. I'm having to be really sensible with my time.

It was a lovely show thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done Kapiti Quilters!

Bit n bobs from my week.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

 Brent took me on a date. He had had 11 days off and worked on the house. A cuppa at Ruth Pretty's and a gluten free cake, then for a drive and wow the banana passionfruit was ready. We had not come prepared to forage. Thank goodness I never wear heels and I could climb the muddy bank. So what is a gal to do but use her dress as a net as Brent is up high on the bank tossing the fruit down to me. My handbag became the carry bag. It's a nice dress I brought this summer from Verge. I'm sure not the type of activity they would like seeing their dress design be used for.

 I passed another mammoth assignment for my medical herbalist study. It is HUGE but I am loving it. I've learnt 100 herbs so far 51 to go. And still heaps of assignments to go. It is consuming. I'm still working with my naturopath clients so being kept rather busy. Weeding and crafting, dusting, window washing are on the back burners to achieve it all.

 It's been a wonderful warm autumn. I'm enjoying the change of season. Samhain has been or is here depends on what/who you follow. Hopefully today if wind stays down we can have our bonfire. WHoop whoop I sure love a burn up.

 A new tree for our orchard - to which Lordy our black cat is under. I've a new area in bottom paddock that we are (well the royal we aka Brent) is planting.
Any spare time I'm looking for a two bedroom granny flat AKA She Shed for the front paddock.
I quite love this layout from HouseMe.

I've preordered the Farm Girl Vintage 2 book of Lori Holt's. Isn't it a darling!!! I'd love to get my hands on some of her Farm Girl Fabric..... it is going to be my reward project once I graduate as a medical herbalist.  I loved watching the video while I cooked the dogs dinners of the showing of all the quilts. SWOON!!

Have a great week and I'll TRY to blogg again next week.

Love Leanne

A goodbye to Lordy.

Friday, May 3, 2019

RIP my dear old boy age 16. 
11/3/03 - 3/5/19

It was all terribly sudden. He just lost weight rapidly over two weeks. He was still happy and eating. The vet is unsure what was wrong - possibly a mass in his tummy area.The vet commented on what great condition Lordy's coat was in. It was time. 

And man I hate putting an animal down. I always feel all the other animals over the years around me. It is hard to explain. But I will never just hand the loved pet over to the vet and nurse. I keep myself as calm as possible and Lordy had a very peaceful send off.

The vets put him in an eco bag for me and popped him in their freezer so I could go pick him up at the end of the day. I asked for this as I didn't want flies on him, But it has meant the other cats do not know what has happened to Lordy and they are looking for him. Oh SO SAD!
Brent came home after work and buried him in the bottom paddock in between the two Monty Surprise apple trees, next to Faith the sheep. He has a Black Boy peach tree to now look after and help grow the best ever peaches.

Lordy had a photo shoot with Jo Moore for her cat book which will be out before Christmas. That will be lovely to have. 

Lordy was the first Mandalay in New Zealand to get Gold, Double Grand Champion. He sired possibly over 300 kittens in his stud career. Many of his progeny come back to stay at the Farm Stay. But most of all he was a lovely pet.

Twenty Five.

Friday, April 26, 2019
Fox Lane has once again inspired me to TRY and get back to blogging by asking 25 things of last week.....

1. The Full Moon last Friday was lovely - so clear.

2. I'm missing my sheep. They are over in the back paddock and not close to the house/barn. They are AWESOME as they line up at the fence morning and night wanting to come down to see me but can't as they need to graze in fresh paddock.

3. With the sheep being in bottom paddock I get to see more of Meg and Riley. (Riley is getting a tad roly)

3. The autumn crocuses are making a wonderful show - the bumble bees and bees love them too.

4. I've brought saffron crocuses - yet to plant.

5. There is no hope for me to keep my clothes neat n tidy - too often the shirts become baskets. (Feijoa time YUM!)

6. I'm really really hoping these six pine trees will be cut down this winter

7. I opened up the cattery for Easter. My cats were NOT pleased to move out of it.

8. My cats are moving back into the cattery and they are going to be photographed for Jo Moore's Cat book. 

9. Brent has had Easter and Anzac off which has meant he has had 11 days off and out of that only 4 days annual leave
10. He spent his holiday redoing the spouting on the old villa.

11. He remade by hand the fancy brackets out of wood. I must get a photo as it is very very clever that he was able to make them.

12. He took me on a date to the movies to see Red Joan. I fell asleep zzz he poked me really really hard and I nearly said rude words. I loved the book but the movie was only so so. Plus the theatre was sooo hot and I was tired...

13. I've planted hundreds of spring bulbs

14. I've not colour coordinated any beds - it is going to be quite a riot of colour come spring.

15. Pith poor harvest of pumpkins this year. Amish pumpkins seem to take up a lot of room for little gain. Butternut looks good. BUT BUT only one crown pumpkin.

16. While I've been in the garden I've finished listening to a few audio books.

17 Fingersmith - quite a disturbing book, not a book I typically would choose, but it was soo good. I did predict the ending and was cross with how it ended. I wanted it to end differently how I would have written the ending... but then a disturbing book would not end like that. I did not like one character. But again it IS a good book.

18. The Chaperone Oh MY I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. I listened to it on audio and it is read by Elizabeth McGovern - Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham from Downton Abbey. Elizabeth also is Cora in the movie The Chaperone which comes out real soon. I AM looking forward to it.

19. I'm currently listening to A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult. so far it is very compelling and told from many different view points. 

20. The Big Decision is totally also worth watching. It's a tad timely that I am listening to A Spark of Light as New Zealand heads into the abortion debate of should our law be changed. (I vote yes).

21. YEA! Killing Eve season 2 is on telly. Again Honest, not really a genre of mine but it is not gory and is actually quite funny in a warped sort of way. 

22. I adore Bertie our new rooster. He gets so excited to see me.

 23. I try and remember to take a daily photo and post on Minnie's Instagram page - so far my record of doing so is rather poor. 

24. I taught Louie how to hold the dumbbell - now this is HUGE as Brent and Louie's trainers could not. And I taught him just like that. I rubbed it in pretty hard to Brent.

25. I tried to perfect taking a selfie after finishing a mammoth assignment. I'm studying to be a medical herbalist so back to the books (as well as still helping my naturopath clients). Selfies are not my thing. But pretty awesome to be a paper further to completing my course. ( a few more months to go).

and as Kate says:

How about you?
Quickly tell me a couple of things that you've been up to.
If you feel like it.
I'd love to know.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
See you in a week. (maybe, maybe not)

Love, Leanne xxx

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