Secret Santa.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Our Money trees that we make most years have been a hit again this year.
I made some advent ones where I hung 24 scratchies on each tree.
Plus made some for Secret Santa gifts.

The Secret Santa event we went to was hilarious and the tree plus the Cold Hard Cash were stolen many a time. I laughed and laughed - in fact a lot of belly laughing went on from everyone. Gosh we had a good night out last night!

Again practicing my video skills of what we made.

Found on Pinterest.

Gluten Free Bread.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Currently on TVNZ is The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Abbey (daughter) and I have set a challenge, to join in, but make it a gluten free challenge.
This week the show was all about bread,
Abbey made a gluten Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread - which has been a tradition of having Cranberry Thanksgiving from our Home Schooling days using Five in A Row Unit Studies. 

I made a Gluten Free Sourdough Bread.
The recipe and with a video is available HERE on Nicola Galloway's page - Homegrown Kitchen 

But once again I would highly recommend you buy her book - it is in the booklist I give to my naturopath clients to buy. 

I am soo excited to have my very own starter dough. I've been real lucky while I've been doing years of study that Abbey has embraced all the food changes we have implemented and done most of the gluten free cooking.

Want to to know one of the reasons we do not eat wheat????

And of course the Bake OFF was won by Abbey - Cranberry Thanksgiving bread wins everytime. James & Sophie took the leftovers home. 

Gluten Free Quiche.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Currently on TVNZ is The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Abbey (daughter) and I have set a challenge, to join in, but make it a gluten free challenge.

This week the show was all about pastry 
Abbey made a gluten free choux pastry for eclairs and she made a dairy free filling.
I made a quiche.

Again I used a Bojno Gourmet recipe which is called
 I've linked the recipe for you.

Again Abbey won the bake off as I didn't get anything on the plate. I was in Wellington for the afternoon and got back late, then the chicken guy arrived to rehome the rooster. So we just had fish, new potatoes and salad for tea instead.

I'm still practising with taking video's, so recorded how I made it and what it looked like during the before bake and after. I most certainly will make it again. 
Let me know if you try it!

Friday Vlog

Friday, November 22, 2019
Poppies blooming under the Monty Surprise Apple trees have sure brought the bees and looks like pollination has been a success.
I seem to be having quite a purple and white flowering going on. If you follow me on Instagram I've been snapping a flower photo most days.

This week on the vlog I practice using a tripod - I'm not very good at it and vlogging is still very unnatural for me.  I like being in my garden listening to an audio book and it felt rather odd and I really missed just getting in the zone and mindlessly work while someone reads to me.

  I really enjoyed listening to two of The Yorkshire Shepherdess books. I've one more to get on my next round of audible credits. I gave the first book 5/5 and her second book 4/5.

The Water Dancer was an Oprah Book Club Pick and it just didn't work for me - was real slow to get into then got good, a bit too waffly and my mind kept wandering. The ending just ended. I really wanted to love it as enjoyed the hype Oprah did with the author 3/5 from me and Brent gave it 2.5/5

I'm listening to this at the moment and really enjoying it!

I'll post again on Monday as Abbey and I are still joining in with the Great Kiwi Bake off  gluten free style. I'm making a tart so that means my first time making a gluten free pastry. I will make it today (Saturday) so will be all ready to roll out and make my tart on Sunday.

Summer Solstice Cake

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Currently on TVNZ is The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Abbey (daughter) and I have set a challenge, to join in, but make it a gluten free challenge.

This week the show was all about Celebrations - Anzac, Easter and Halloween.

I chose the  celebration - Summer Solstice which in the Southern Hemisphere is on Sunday 22nd December this year.

My recipe is from the River Cottage Gluten Free cookbook by Naomi Devlin.

I used the Rich Christmas Cake recipe on page 239. It's $36.13 (NZ) which is 24% off and free delivery from Books Depository - Just saying in case you want to make a special Celebration cake too. Another book I highly recommend!

Only changes I made is the mixed spice - we make our own blend up as many contain wheat and whizz up in a coffee grinder that is used purely for cooking not coffee.

I also do not grease the pan with butter - just use baking paper and the cake comes away clean.

Abbey won the Bake Off again as I would not let anyone sample my Summer Solstice Cake due to being kept for 22nd December. Abbey made Anzac Biscuits (gluten free) which were yummy.

I've made a video of me making the cake and you can see the texture of the mixture before it was baked.

Do let me know if you have ant successful gluten free fruit cakes.

Cottage Tails gets a Beehive.

Friday, November 15, 2019

 Finally I've found time to join in with Bee In My Bonnet's Farm Girl Friday Sew Along.

I was at an Aotearoa Quilters Members - Wellington and Kapiti meet up and I took a long Lori Holt's  Farm Girl Vintage books stating this was the quilt I wanted to make. I shared that I was already two weeks behind the SewAlong. They suggested jump in and start at the current week - which is week 3. That is exactly what I did. Such FUN!!

My heart needs a good press - but i was thrilled how perfect it turned out.
As for the Beehive - I just have to tweak one row which I'll do today - so don't look to carefully yet at that.

The Gluten Free Bake Off

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Currently on TVNZ is The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Abbey (daughter) and I have set a challenge, to join in, but make it a gluten free challenge.

I've had such fun!

My recipe was from Alternative Baker by Alanna Taylor-Tobin.
She is known as The Bojon Gourmet on Instagram.

Interestingly the word Bojon is No Job spelt backwards and she shares a link about the Tao of Bojon - LOVE it!

My cookies I baked were Buckwheat Bergamot Double Chocolate Cookies from page 197 of Alternative Baker cookbook. It's $37.16 (14% off) at Books Depository at the moment (free shipping) - just a saying that I am highly recommending this book.

A real success! One recipe that I will make again and again.
Only thing I found tricky and if I owned the cookbook (it's Abbey's not mine) I would split up the chocolate information more carefully as it was not easy for me to do the maths in my non math brain. A small issue and if you are like me who LOVES to write notes in books I would add
 - from the 345g of chocolate,
melt 230g
and keep aside 115g to be chopped for the topping.
Plus I would be more generous with the Flaky salt on the topping.

Abbey made also a Bojon Gourmet recipe which is on her website.
They are called Gluten Free Ginger Molasses Cookies and the link to the recipe is here.

Also a very successful recipe - one I will be making for a Christmas morning tea function where I am to take a plate.

Talk about taking a plate - the three of us cannot eat this many cookies so they are being shared at a committee meeting - should I tell them they are gluten free?? Bet they cannot tell!

Who won the bake off??

The results are in the video.

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