Home Sweet Home

Saturday, February 16, 2019

 The cattery is closed while we have a break, I'm homesick already. My cats are currently down there and loving the change. Minnie likes to go down and see the cats.

 Laura - 16 years old
 Lordy 16 years in March
 Cinders 15 years old
 Freya 7 or is it 8? I'll have to look up.
Minnie doing her starfish drop.
 Louie's guilty look as he has been helping himself to peaches off the tree. He eats them. But he has taught Minnie to do the same. Minnie doesn't eat them, she bats them around like a soccer ball.
Both dogs are not allowed in orchard area now unsupervised.
Stella nearly 7 just watches 

Summer Harvest

Friday, January 25, 2019

 My vegetable garden is humming and I'm picking something everyday. Lettuces I never get to photograph as I always whip out and pick one just as I need for a meal. Cucumbers and beans are prolific this year.
 If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I have some new chickens and wait for it ....
a ROOSTER!! We are soo enjoying the blue and green eggs from the new girls

I'm actually looking forward to autumn this year - new for me! I've planted so many pumpkins as last year in the shops they were soo expensive and we do enjoy pumpkins (so do the dogs)

Laura would NOT look at the camera for me - I so wanted to get a good photo of her. And I actually did. These photos just show her personality. Laura is 16 years old today. And Happy Birthday to Charles her litter mate too.

Suffolk Sheep

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

 I've been wanting to get into pedigree sheep for a long time... Suffolk particularly as they feature in a lot of my craft work - cross stitch and quilting.

 I brought three ewes all sisters that were born in August 2018 and one boy who is older and not related as their boyfriend.

This is the girls dad.... eeeek I knew Suffolk were big!!! But he is a strapping fella.
Actually this photo shows more the colour of their wool - which is a cream not white. Rather pretty.

Ford F1 picked up the girls

The girls were let out in bottom paddock. Following day Abbey and I moved the sheep around. I wish I had my camera on me as it was delightful watching the new girls join our current flock. They made lots of baahing and lots of welcoming noise. The new girls caught on quickly to follow the other girls and they are currently all in one paddock working out their boss girl order.

We were ever so lucky that the lovely man we brought the Suffolks off said he would look after the ram until April so we could have our holiday and plan for lambs early spring. I can hardly wait as Suffolk lambs are born black.

I'm Back in Blog World

Saturday, September 1, 2018
With nearly six months off blogging I'm back.

So much has happened .... I've opened my naturopathy business and loving it!
The website is live Leanne Morris Naturopath
I have a newsletter that goes out once a month totally relevant to naturopathy - you can sign up HERE

Yes I am still running the Farm Stay for Cats - my we hobby. You can keep up with the guests on their own Facebook Group Page

Spring is a coming - I cope with the tail end of winter which has been FREEZING by not even allowing myself to think spring begins on the 1st of September - but more look forward to the Spring Equinox which is about 3 weeks later.

Anyway I'm restarting the blog for selfish reasons. I want to keep an easy record of what is happening in my garden.

AND I've been bitten by the Dahlia bug..... I've brought soo many tubers and here I'll record just what I have brought.

A garden bed has been cleared ready to mass plant.

Stolze of Berlin - Pom Pom (4 tubers)
 Flowering up to 80 cm

Pink Silk (4 tubers)
Flowering 90 cm

Bristol Stripe (1 tuber)- Dinner Plate 80-120cm

Edinburgh (1 tuber) Decorative 80-120cm

Nenekazi (1 tuber) cactus - 80- 100 cm

Colour Spectacle - (2 tubers) - Cactus 80- 100cm

Mango Madness (1 tuber) Decorative - 90-100cm

Alfred Grille (1 tuber) - Cactus - 80- 100 cm

Snowflake (2 tubers) Pom Pom 70-90cm

Fleurel (1 tuber) Decorative 80-120cm

Do share what are your favourite to grow as I believe there still is time for me to buy some.
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