Day three of lockdown

Saturday, March 28, 2020
A freezing cold day - first day of the season having a fire on.

I'm in such a clean out faze - catching up with jobs - today I cleared out paper files and have a pile to burn. I do enjoy a good old burn up!

I do think our government has done a good job with COVID-19 but has made a few errors - which is to be expected. One was shutting down butchers. I feel for the butchers and very very sad of all the lives the animals gave for their meat to go to waste.

The other error is removing choice of what health care New Zealanders want.
I got involved in signing and sharing the petition: -   as follows.....

Ask the NZ Government to include Natural Health as an essential service during Covid-19

If you have ever or more importantly ARE using natural health care in the way of practitioner only supplements and medical herbs from a naturopath or medical herbalist, then please consider signing this petition asking the NZ Government to include Natural Health as an essential service during Covid-19.
The HDC Code and Rights for the people of New Zealand states: “You have
5) The right to have good care and support that fits your needs.
7) The right to make choices about your care and support.”
Currently this choice has been taken away from New Zealanders. Myself as a family naturopath and medical herbalist is concerned that I can not help my clients that have CHOSEN to use natural methods to address their illness. EG, I've clients who are managing their high blood pressure and asthma with herbal formulas and supplements without these their only option is to go to the GP who is already stretched. Other clients I am looking after with again herbs and supplements have anxiety and this is only going to lead to more anxiety of me not being able to supply a protocol that has been working. Of course there are many other clients I am helping who have CHOSEN to see me and what I can offer - such as for endometriosis I can no longer help them with their pain management, autoimmune disease clients, clients on their preconception care protocol who again have CHOSEN not to take folic acid but instead folate and other practitioner only preconception care supplements. etc,,,
I worked terribly hard sourcing antiviral and immune boosting herbs and supplements to help support clients through COVID-19. NO I do not have something to cure or stop COVID-19 but as a naturopath and medical herbalist I have many herbs and supplements that most definitely can help support the body fight a viral infection. But that choice has been taken away from my clients to access natural medicine.
It is important to keep NZ safe with the lockdown, but it is also important that we as New Zealanders can have access to our CHOSEN primary health care that is provided by naturopaths and medical herbalists.
Thank you!
Leanne Morris
The Family Naturopath & Medical Herbalist on the Kapiti Coast.
Lockdown Soup.

It sure is a good feeling gathering food that I have grown or preserved to make a meal. Chicken stock or was it duck stock - I really should label!! My pathetic looking celery - another thing I cannot grow for the life of trying. rosemary and bay leaves, paris market carrots and dried Takamatua Beans. Onions and Henderson's bacon, salt n pepper were the only things purchased.

Lockdown soup is what we have named Ina's soup and it was divine. Will be on the menu again and again.

Day Two of Lockdown

Friday, March 27, 2020
 The first harvest of chestnuts - Caro our old cat has fertilized the tree well.
 Last of the beetroot harvested - making room for new seedlings to go in.

 Couple of the chicks - we have 7 and they are nearly 4 weeks old. They are terribly cute and such time wasters
 I'm really enjoying listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama while I work - keeping my mind and hands busy is perfect! Michelle is narrating the book. I highly recommend it so far.

 Cleaned the pantry - told you I was having to keep busy! I moved to jars for many years to store food in and the flours are a lot different than what I learned to cook with. We are totally 100% gluten free in our home.

 My second pantry is bulging with herbs and medicines. I have taken over three shelves. It seems weird that I have all this medicine to help people but here in NZ natural medicine is deemed as not essential, just as butcher shops and bakeries, But I totally get what the government is trying to do with keeping everyone isolated and only supermarkets allowed. Bit of a shame for small business - but once we are back to normal I will be shopping at small businesses to help them get back on their feet.

I do have a storage pantry too but forgot to take a photo. I've price shopped and kept a good pantry for many years so we are fine for food.

Dried Takamatua beans (White Scotch) and defrosting homemade chicken stock 
to make Ina Garten's Tuscan White Bean Soup that she shared on her Instagram page. The beans are soaking so will not be made until tomorrow nights dinner.

Doesn't it look YUMMY!! 

Stay well & see yea tomorrow.

Day One of Lockdown

Thursday, March 26, 2020

 Here in New Zealand our country is in Lockdown for four weeks. Both Brent and Abbey are working from home. Brent set himself up in the bedroom, Abbey the kitchen bench and I'm on the dining room table.

I had worked so hard the last two weeks getting as much herbal formulas and supplements for my business - stocks are real low in New Zealand and I couldn't get all I wanted, but I got enough to work with. All to find natural therapies are not classed as essential in New Zealand. I've all my herbal formulas and supplements at home thankfully as I cannot travel to my clinic for a month. NOT the best time to open a new business. But I did consult before by distance and I can keep doing that by distance.

I also worked real hard getting food and supplies in feeling there may just be a lockdown. I am so pleased I did. Only thing I didn't think to get was beer for Brent or chocolate. So our gate is closed and we are not going anywhere. The sheep have been moved and the dogs have a whole paddock to run in.

My parents are elderly and I got them to the doctor for their medications. Got them to the bank and by luck I got the bank manager who was awesome and helped me sort out their accounts it was one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life. Organised online shopping - mum couldn't even write out a shopping list so I went through their cupboards and worked out what they like and then had so much fun doing online shopping with New World of things I thought they may enjoy eating. At their age and health stage nutrition is not even been thought about - it's what they will eat is what is important. They liked the custard pies I put in their shopping and a few other treats. is a meals on wheels service which thankfully has been deemed essential and I THINK I got my order in for my parents early enough and now they should get weekly deliveries of some premade meals that they would like - very plain meat and three vege. I had made up some meals and taken to them but as we are in lock down I cannot travel to their town to do this anymore.

So emotionally I'm drained! But all is done. I thought I'd try and blog about being in Lockdown as a diary for me really - one would not ever believe that we need ID papers to move about in our country. People can go to doctors, chemist and supermarkets but if too far away from home the police and army will question you for your essential working papers.

 I have always been good in emergencies and can look ahead lol. I put in an order for vegetable seedlings from Awapuni nurseries . which arrived!! So lucky!! Day one I spent removing a herb garden to put back into a vegetable garden. Some seedlings got planted - leeks, cabbage, kale, cauliflower and brussel sprout - why I bother with brussel sprouts each year I have no idea as I have been unsuccessful growing them year after year. I am determined to grow some!!
I have plans for a new herb garden but as of yet I haven't told Brent... shhh.

We have been living simply off the land for years and I have a well established vegetable garden, fruit orchard and nut trees. So we will be fine. Last nights harvest for a salad was lettuce, paris market carrots which I will never grow again, they are small and pretty, taste beautiful but one bite and all gone for the same amount of space in the garden - lol I'm too much of a practical gal for pretty tiny carrots. Zucchini are still growing, beetroot, capsicums and butter beans which have been a huge success. The green runner beans I thought I had mucked up as got busy and hadn't picked many so they have mostly gone to dried beans. Which  turns out - perfect for lockdown.

Our daughter has finally caught the gardening bug and she has a little patch of her own - these are her butter beans that she grew from seed. PROUD mommy moment. Our son has his own place with his partner and also has a large vegetable garden and fruit trees - plus a glasshouse so they are fine for fresh food too. It's going to be hard not seeing our son for a month. But we have FaceTime so still can keep in contact.

I hope you are all well!!!

Secret Santa.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Our Money trees that we make most years have been a hit again this year.
I made some advent ones where I hung 24 scratchies on each tree.
Plus made some for Secret Santa gifts.

The Secret Santa event we went to was hilarious and the tree plus the Cold Hard Cash were stolen many a time. I laughed and laughed - in fact a lot of belly laughing went on from everyone. Gosh we had a good night out last night!

Again practicing my video skills of what we made.

Found on Pinterest.

Gluten Free Bread.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Currently on TVNZ is The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Abbey (daughter) and I have set a challenge, to join in, but make it a gluten free challenge.
This week the show was all about bread,
Abbey made a gluten Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread - which has been a tradition of having Cranberry Thanksgiving from our Home Schooling days using Five in A Row Unit Studies. 

I made a Gluten Free Sourdough Bread.
The recipe and with a video is available HERE on Nicola Galloway's page - Homegrown Kitchen 

But once again I would highly recommend you buy her book - it is in the booklist I give to my naturopath clients to buy. 

I am soo excited to have my very own starter dough. I've been real lucky while I've been doing years of study that Abbey has embraced all the food changes we have implemented and done most of the gluten free cooking.

Want to to know one of the reasons we do not eat wheat????

And of course the Bake OFF was won by Abbey - Cranberry Thanksgiving bread wins everytime. James & Sophie took the leftovers home. 

Gluten Free Quiche.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Currently on TVNZ is The Great Kiwi Bake Off

Abbey (daughter) and I have set a challenge, to join in, but make it a gluten free challenge.

This week the show was all about pastry 
Abbey made a gluten free choux pastry for eclairs and she made a dairy free filling.
I made a quiche.

Again I used a Bojno Gourmet recipe which is called
 I've linked the recipe for you.

Again Abbey won the bake off as I didn't get anything on the plate. I was in Wellington for the afternoon and got back late, then the chicken guy arrived to rehome the rooster. So we just had fish, new potatoes and salad for tea instead.

I'm still practising with taking video's, so recorded how I made it and what it looked like during the before bake and after. I most certainly will make it again. 
Let me know if you try it!

Friday Vlog

Friday, November 22, 2019
Poppies blooming under the Monty Surprise Apple trees have sure brought the bees and looks like pollination has been a success.
I seem to be having quite a purple and white flowering going on. If you follow me on Instagram I've been snapping a flower photo most days.

This week on the vlog I practice using a tripod - I'm not very good at it and vlogging is still very unnatural for me.  I like being in my garden listening to an audio book and it felt rather odd and I really missed just getting in the zone and mindlessly work while someone reads to me.

  I really enjoyed listening to two of The Yorkshire Shepherdess books. I've one more to get on my next round of audible credits. I gave the first book 5/5 and her second book 4/5.

The Water Dancer was an Oprah Book Club Pick and it just didn't work for me - was real slow to get into then got good, a bit too waffly and my mind kept wandering. The ending just ended. I really wanted to love it as enjoyed the hype Oprah did with the author 3/5 from me and Brent gave it 2.5/5

I'm listening to this at the moment and really enjoying it!

I'll post again on Monday as Abbey and I are still joining in with the Great Kiwi Bake off  gluten free style. I'm making a tart so that means my first time making a gluten free pastry. I will make it today (Saturday) so will be all ready to roll out and make my tart on Sunday.
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