Meet the Menagerie

 MandaBurms Laura Seal Burmese is the matriarch of the cats and is 13 years old. 
 MandaBurms LOTR Black Rider - AKA Lordy. Lordy was our MandaBurms Ebony Mandalay stud. He is now living the life of retirement and is 13 years old. As he still thinks he is a stud cat and still sprays he sleeps in his chateau which also has a tree house

Cinders aka Cindy, Ebony Mandalay 12 years old

MandaBurms Magica De Spell aka Maji (Mother Laura)  4 years old

Louie the doberman is 1 years old

Stella the poodle - age 5
Rambo the Ring neck parrot. He had a gender change, originally the breeder said he was a she and named Roxy, but she grew the beard that the male ring necks have - so now called Rambo. 

The sheep and lambs are raised for wool and meat - we have found it is best not to give them a name.
 Gus as a little fella and Geraldine.
Gus as a teenager. He is mean to the chickens and pulls their feathers.

 Angie and Clara
Betty (RIP), Brodie, Angie and Clara. The girls are approx 10 years old and living the life of retirement - Betty, Angie and Carol are all named after the local librarians by our son when he was about 9 years old.

Meg and Riley are Jerusalem Donkeys. They are not ours but the neighbours who got them on the condition if they moved the donkeys would live here. They cross graze between our two properties as do our sheep.

We have planted many native trees and get an awful lot of enjoyment out of the birds, especially native birds choosing to live at our place.

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