Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats.

Cottage Tails is an unique  Farm Stay for cats on the Kapiti Coast. New Zealand with rural views, fancy quilts to sit on, individual suites / outside areas and daily  Facebook kitty updates

                                           Not just ANY cat can stay here.

We are often asked by people if their cat can come to the Farm Stay. The answer depends...
Firstly the Farm Stay is a hobby, it is not a business. Leanne used to breed Burmese and Mandalay cats for a hobby and now she has them all back as boarders. 

If you have been following Cottage Tails blog/social media and have a cherished, well loved, pampered cat  (or your friend does) you can make contact with Leanne for the possibility of your cat having a holiday at the farm.

morning view from paddock

View of outdoor runs with a double door entry way for security.

We are not a communal cattery - we do not feel these are the best for cats.There is no possibility of cats within the cattery (excluding those from the same household in the same run) coming into direct contact with each other. Only cats from the same household are boarded together.
There is also no direct contact with any of our retired cats that live at our place. We have double doors so our cats can not enter the cattery. (They do often walk down and say hello to the guests)

View of a room at the farm stay for cats.

Bedding: Each run has an igloo with a lid.. The igloos keep cool in summer and warm in winter.
In winter, we pop in a snuggle safe heat pad morning and night

Each room has a quilt  plus Fleece blankets to snuggle up with.

You are welcome to bring your cats own bedding and blanket - this can help with settling in.
 Do not wash it beforehand – it defeats the object of it having a familiar and reassuring smell. 
A favourite toy is also a good thing to bring,.

Lounge: Each room has a  chair with a washable quilt, polar fleece blanket and padding on chair for comfort. plus original works of art adorn the walls from Annabelle Rodger Gary Tricker and Mary Oldham.

Dining: We take a lot of time and care to make sure your cat eats. We always ask what your cat likes and we do recommend you bring a sample of his/her food. We do not believe in the false belief, of a cat will eat when hungry. They might at home - but going to a cattery can be stressful for your cat and they can even have separation anxiety from their owners. If a cat refuses to eat, it can become a serious illness - Feline hepatic lipidosis

As our Farm Stay for cats is  small, and a hobby we are able to fully watch the cats boarding here and know how well the cats are eating, drinking and using litter trays.

Bathroom: Each run has Kitty litter trays and they are checked / changed  3 times a day. 

Garden: Each run has it's own potted catnip when in season or freshly picked sprigs from the garden.

Live entertainment:With cattery door open there are many critters to see - we even have a bird feeder hanging on the cattery rafters - cats love to sit and chirp away at the birds feeding.
There is always sheep and geese in paddocks to watch too. 

Settling in: It can take most cats a day or two to settle in - we recommend that you do not feed your cat before bringing them here. we find the sooner they eat some dinner here, the sooner they settle. It is also recommended you bring a blanket from home. Do not wash it beforehand – it defeats the object of it having a familiar and reassuring smell

Reiki is offered to all cats, Leanne is a Reiki healer and has been trained in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho. Cats are naturally receptive to Reiki .Cats prefer Reiki on their own terms - they will either agree or refuse. Leanne finds most cats enjoy the Reiki session and it helps them settle in to their farm stay a lot quicker - even to the point they do not seem to miss their owners.

Bach Flower Remedies are also successfully used to help settle in boarders.

Health: We do ask that all cats have their vaccinations up to date ( been administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding)- you can scan and email through the record book or bring it on the day. We reserve the right to refuse entry without proof of vaccination history. We will not accept your cat if it is sick on arrival.
In the event of a cat becoming sick or needing treatment for whatever reason, they will be taken to our vet WellPet who is on call 24hrs 7 days. Over many years of breeding, we have developed a very good working relationship with WellPet. Should your cat become unwell while staying here, we will make every attempt to contact you as soon as possible. Any costs that may occur as a result of vet treatment for your cat will be charged to you. 

It is important we have your contact details and an alternative emergency name and number.

Travel: Please arrive with your cat in a travel cage. The travel cage must stay here for the duration of your cat's holiday.

Up Dates:  To see photos and videos of your cat, join Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats Facebook Group.   TRY  to upload a photo or video and comment most mornings or evenings of how each cat is. 

Donations/ koha go in the kitty to fund the animals that live at Cottage Tails.

People have asked for a suggested koha price.
$15.00 - $20.00  per day per cat.
$30.00 - $40.00  per day for 3 cats or more.
Per day, includes days of check in and out.

How do I say this????
Cottage Tails Farm Stay is one of my hobbies, but sadly I need to point out it does cost me money and MY time to do this. For me to continue doing this  the following needs to be said.

1. If you book dates and then cancel - you need to be aware I usually have already turned people away. Compensation is appreciated.
2. Payment I leave the Koha up to you however please note,  I am unable to do this for very little - it cost me money! Litter, food, my time, Internet,cleaning costs including water, consumables such as bedding, plates, scratching poles and even maintenance of the runs.
3. I find it extremely uncomfortable to have to ask/remind people for compensation. Therefore, from now on exchanges for your loved pet to stay here must be on drop off or pick up.
4. As this is one of my HOBBIES I have the right to decline having your cat/s return to the Farm Stay. 

Hours: I run my Naturopath business from home and Iam no longer able to be as flexible with times as I was in the past.
This means drop off/pickups needs to be between 9am and 9.30am or 4pm and 5pm. 
In some circumstance I can be a little flexible with these times, if a family member is home to meet you, but this must be prior arranged.
 I am no longer able to be available on Public Holidays for Pick Up or Drop off.  

Communication the day before drop off or pick up is required.

Full care and attention will be given to every cat in our care, but we do not accept any liability for illness, disease, accident or death of any cat. We have double doors going into the cattery which is shut on entry and exit. Each run has separate doors, your cats should never come in contact with another cat as we do not believe in communal catteries. There is no carpet - everything can be fully washed including all surfaces and bedding after each cat has visited. This is important for the health of each cat boarding with us.

Contact us

You can contact Leanne 

Cell Phone 027 2888 992 

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