Sunday, May 12, 2019

Where do I start?? I had a wonderful weekend. A weekend off the computer, no study, no clients, no chores (well I still did washing as I like washing, feed and clean animals because that is a joy not a chore). I have been overdoing it (as is my personality) and took the weekend off life.

I hope you too had a good weekend.

Saturday began with a FREE trip to the dentist. I was one of their Facebook winners. Beach Side Dental Clinic run it every year and give away 30 appointments I think it was. It was one way to get me to the dentist LOL! I had recently been (months ago but recent enough for me).So I chose a clean with the hygenist. I am sure readers of the blog know that dentists are my absolute FEAR I turn into someone I am not - it's all rather queer really of who I become - a mess really. I can highly recommend this clinic to put you at ease.

 In the afternoon I sat down with the plans to rip back all of my Hedgewitch shawl. You see I had made a mistake quite a few rows back and happily knitted my own pattern... I cannot read knitting. Give me sewing and I can but not knitting. Abbey kindly said she would fix my mistake and saved me ripping it all back. Isn't she wonderful! So my goal is to try and get this shawl finished for Winter Solstice.

I spent a lovely few hours knitting and watching  the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin.
What a fabulous movie. Terribly sad - warning tissues are needed. 5/5 well worth seeing.

Sunday - Mother's Day. I woke up for the very first year in a long long time not sad on Mother's Day. I told Brent and he congratulated me on all the hard work I have been doing. Lots and lots of inner self healing. I'm still not ready to share my health journey or healing I am doing. Only because I do not want anyone else's opinion/s or comments. Nor do I want what I have chosen for ME be what someone else follows. Healing has to be your own journey and your own choices. I have made my own educated choice for ME.

I will share that when I got my medical diagnoses I searched the metaphysical meanings. One book I use as a naturopath and often put in the report back to clients is what their illness means metaphysical.

Abbey cooked breakfast, lunch and tea. It was delicious!! Young mums who read the blog I encourage you to teach your children to cook as look at the rewards!! Abbey is a really really good cook and much better than me with adapting recipes for gluten free and dairy free. Plus she loves cooking. Aren't I a lucky mum!! She NEEDS to write a cookbook!!

The family know I enjoy going to the movies and we all went to see The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir. Oh it was excellent - a fun light humours movie - well worth seeing 5/5 as we all enjoyed it.

On the left: Meghan with her mom and grandma. On the right: Archie with his mom and grandma!

Aren't these lovely photos !!

I tried to get a nice photo of my family on Mother's Day, Abbey refused (I wonder where she gets not liking her photo taken from) and this is what Brent & James let me have. - Both sucking limes!

I really had the best Mother's Day ever and I hope you did too. I know it can be a really hard day for many.

P R A Y E R. 
For all Mother’s. The Mommas to be. The Mother’s who are trying. For the Mother’s on the journey exploring new ways. For the Mother’s that never feel like they are enough.
For the Mother’s of a sick or disabled child. For the Mother’s who lost a child. Gave up their child. Chose not to have a child. For the Mother’s who are sick. The Mother’s who are healing. For those who lost their Mother. Watched their Mother die. For those grieving their Mother. For the children taking care of their Mother. 💛
For the ones that never knew their Mother. 
For the Mother’s who silently struggle. The Mother’s who are raising their children alone. For the Mother’s homeless or in poverty doing their very best. For the Mothers that feel isolated. scared. and alone. For the Mother’s battling addiction and mental illness. For the Mother’s of children who are battling addiction and mental illness. 💛
For the Mother’s and children victim of domestic abuse. For the Mother’s breaking the cycle. For those estranged from their Mother. For those healing and finding peace with their Mother. 💛
For the Mother’s of all of our ancestors and their Mothers| Mother’s. For many moons and many lifetimes. For the Mother’s that have passed on. 💛
For the Mother’s that don’t know their strength. Their power. Their beauty. For all Mother’s everywhere. You are loved. Your are Sacred. You are strong. You are the Sun, the Moon, and the Universe of all that is good. May this be felt deep within your heart and soul. May all beings be happy. May all beings be protected. May all beings be free.

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  1. Happy Mother's day -I'm not a fan of the dentist but go every six months. I'm glad you went and how nice to win something for free! You must be lucky!!


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