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Sunday, May 26, 2019

I tried to blog last week, these are the photos from that attempt.

Now it is a week later and I still have not posted.

Quick catch up....

It has been an AMAZING autumn sooo mild. I love it. WISH  I was not studying so I could be outside ALL the time. My constant wording is NEXT YEAR I will.... BUT I am loving the study and thrilled I am passing the assignments and getting fab knowledge. Brent is a wonderful hubby and oh I can hardly wait to share what we have decided to do............ once I have graduated ............MAN I am EXCITED!!

We lost one of our new chickens SUCKY!! SOB. She is under a new feijoa tree, wow we are going to have soo many feijoas in years to come.

No hens are laying, STILL! Like free food, free board, BEST ever retirement home.

I miss seeing my sheep they are over in back paddock grazing and they want to come home. BUT I have to be strong and they need to graze that paddock.

I finally accepted I can not read my knitting and started again the HedgeWitch Shawl  BUT I am doing it back to front in all manner. Such a good decision.

Will TRY and blog THIS week

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