Monday, 9 April 2018

New Chapter.

 Minnie is now 13 weeks - we have had her for 5 weeks. And honestly the last 4 weeks have been AWFUL! I ended up with a very sick puppy from top to bottom. She would not sleep, she would urinate every 30 minutes. The vet bills have been huge.. But with a fab vet and Brent that said just spend the money on her as his opinion is our track record for vet bills is low so it evens out.... Isn't he fabulous, how lucky am I to have such a kind hubby? AND then the vet who has a heart for animals encouraged me to keep her and not send her back to the breeder.... she knows we would care for Minnie. I'd rather not discuss it all on the blog if you don't mind.....
Anyway after having to put her on antibiotics which  both I as a naturopath and Jo our vet didn't want to do but she NEEDED them. And there IS a time and a place for antibiotics. There really is!
I can say now we have turned a corner and she is much better. She is sleeping through the night and now we begin toilet training as you would if you had a healthy puppy from the beginning.
I'm using homeobotanicals on her and working at building up her immune system.
 Minnie is rather bossy to the other dogs, Louie the doberman is so gentle with her - even when she sticks her whole head in his jaws....GASP

I'm keeping an Instagram account of Minne - more of a place I can keep videos and photos of her growing. If you want to watch her grow too.. I am really looking forward to seeing her change colour from black to silver.

 A family selfie... we all went out for dinner to celebrate James completing his apprenticeship.

 Harvest of kumera from my garden has been fab!
 last of the tomatoes, starting to save the bean seeds and harvesting chillies.
 James climbed on chicken coop for me which pumpkins had self sown and grew up there. But the chicken wire was eating into them. Ones that had not been chicken wired too harshly James put wood underneath for me. We are in for a bumper crop of pumpkins!
 nothing says autumn like crocuses

 Knitting has not been happening with a new puppy in the house, but I sneaked some time to watch Jooles - Sew Sweet Violet podcast, had a cuppa and knitted. BLISS.

I've been spending way too much time on the computer typing away designing a website. MAN it is techno hard for me but I am learning and thankfully I have Abbey to help.
Facebook followers of Cottage Tails would have see I tried to change my name to Leanne Morris Naturopath but that was against Facebook rules.... Sorry for all the mucking around - Honest I am so green at this Social Media lark. I will learn! So bear with me.

So yes a New Chapter is happening and this will be my very last Blog post. The blog started off many years ago as a place to share with friends living overseas what we were doing and it sort of grew into all sorts of things that I did in my daily life.

Thank you to all who have followed me over the years. I've loved getting to know many of you from around the world.

The NEW CHAPTER is opening up my own business as a naturopath.

I will be writing a newsletter each month instead of blogging.

Every New Moon a newsletter will be sent to people who subscribe and they will focus on:
  • Seasonal tips from the Southern Hemisphere relating to health and well-being
  • A meal or recipe to inspire you on your wellness journey
  • Introduce you to a herb of the month
  • A peek into what is growing in my orchard, vegetable and herb gardens for that month
  • and for that all important balance in life, I'll share books and craft work I've enjoyed 
Plus I will be keeping you in the know of workshops, retreats and when I have an opening to work one on one with clients.

Click here to subscribe  if you would love to stay in touch and get my newsletter. 

YES I will still be running the Farm Stay for Cats. You can keep in touch via the Farm Stay for Cats Facebook page. where I only post if there is guests. Pancho is staying at the moment. Don't you just love his Lion Groom for the summer months. it is starting to grow out now - but DIG that tail.

Again, thank you for reading over the years. And I do hope you keep in contact and enjoy my monthly newsletter into your email box.

I'm ready and excited for the next chapter in my life.

Lots of love to you all Leanne xxx


  1. Thanks Leanne for keeping me entertained. It's always sad when a favourite blog finishes but it must be hard to fit it in when you are busy with so many other things. Good Luck with your next project. Also I'm glad you stuck with Minnie, such a gorgeous little face xx

  2. Leanne, I have enjoyed your blog over the years - I think we first met through One flower Wednesday all those years ago. I"ve enjoyed seeing your family grow and all the adventures with your animals and your block of land. Not to mention your leap into study and wow look what's ahead for you :-) So pleased to hear that wee Minnie is a lot better...our wee silver dog started out black too, it was such a surprise when he turned silver! I'm a bit of an occasional-Instagram lurker but I will be sure to try to keep up with Minnie! hugsxxx

  3. All the best for your new venture. I have enjoyed following you in your studies. Glad minnie is improving.

  4. what excellent news about minnie! i hope it is all good from here on out! the pumpkin news is exciting too! crocuses are our first sign of spring! it is snowing right now and on friday we will have 80 degrees. such weird weather!

  5. Leanne we have enjoyed sharing all of your adventures over the years, and good on you for leaving for new challenges.

    Julie and poppy Q

  6. so glad your pup is doing better, there is nothing worse than worrying about an animal... congrats on your new adventure!

  7. Congratulations on your new chapter Leanne, I shall miss you blog posts ((hugs)) from Julia x