Sunday, 18 March 2018

Two weeks of Minnie.

The first two weeks of Minnie being home have not been easy. She has been unwell and we have been back and forth to vets.
Due to her being unwell we have had broken night and LOTS of accidents inside. Thank goodness for wooden floors. Never have we had a puppy like this.
She has no social skills and it's all a bit sad really. She hangs off Louie doberman's ears and he is ever so gentle with her while we watch her around him 100% and teach her not to do this. She challenges Stella and is already wanting to be top dog. Stella just wants to move out and live in a Tiny House with Abbey.
I have been in contact with breeder and she has offered to take Minnie back.
BUT Minnie has fans! - a loyal Camp Minnie following.
My vet is very much for Camp Minnie! And believes we will get her well and she has found often pups that have such a start turn out to be the best dogs ever.

Lots of time, energy and patients is going into Minnie. In her 9th week she learnt to sit, drop and stand and a very good watcher of my eye. So she is showing promise for obedience work.

In the last two weeks I've not really done very much - poor garden has been neglected. No knitting as Minne just does not understand why she can not have yarn balls. Balls in general are her love.

It's fabulous working from home all via my dining room table helping clients in my naturopath business. Website is still under construction. I've a fab editor just helping polish what I am wanting to have written on it. I'll let you know when the website is up and running so you can see what I offer. But I'm terribly thrilled with my clients so far. They are ready to do the HARD work to get well.
I just love this quote by Chris Kresser. "The conventional medical paradigm has trained patients to be passive recipients of medication, rather than active participants in their own care”.

We have begun watching The Good Doctor which we are enjoying.

Loving the Orphan X series on audible. Have you read or listened to it too? Highly recommend and it's not a genre I typically go for - but terribly good.

Autumn is knocking on the door - I'm still wearing shorts. We nearly have all our firewood in the shed for winter. It's been a fab long hot summer which I've LOVED!! 
I've planted brussel sprouts -trying again to grow them. I've never had success before.
And it will not be long before I harvest pumpkins and kumera. One pumpkin self harvested, fell off and rolled down the bank. I've a bumper crop - very awesome as they have been a crazy price in the shops.
To think on Wednesday it is Autumn Equinox or maybe for you in the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox - I'm loving seeing all the spring bulbs in my Instagram feed - I will be planting out more bulbs at Easter.  
Hope you all have a good week. Xx


  1. Surrounded by snow (again) and its blowing a hooley.
    Spring seems a long way off
    Enjoy your late autumn.

  2. oh no...poor minnie! what is wrong with her? i hope this straightens out for you. winnie has been such a dream i feel sort of guilty. in general, chows are very well behaved. how lucky to have grown so many pumpkins. mine never do too well here. i am getting ready to start my seeds.

    1. I'll flick you an email re Minnie. I'm so pleased Winnie has turned out PERFECT for you. I'm off to my first ever pumpkin harvest next weekend - I think you will laugh at it. I'll be surprized if it is like the ones you take us on in the USA, I'll take photos.

  3. So lovely to read your blog this morning. Minnie is a very fortunate dog to have your family who are willing to work with her. Still in summer clothes up in this part of the country too.

    1. Thank you Rachel. Blogging is a bit more personal than Instagram - but does take longer. Haven't we had a FAB summer.

  4. I think Minnie has the most adorable face!

    1. Yes she does and I am looking forward to her grey colour to come in. She is a silver mini.She gets her first Hair do in a few weeks. Hubby said he doesn't care what I do as long as she has a POM. I like Winks look on Linda and Winks on InstagraM

  5. I'm not looking forward to being cooped up inside again over winter - I've been watching on Instagram my UK friends with spring bulbs out and another snow drop - oh my!

  6. I am glad that things are looking a bit better with Miss Minnie. Even when I got miss Poppy - I thought what have I done? They are just little babies and don't undersItand where they are and who you are for some time.

    It was such a gorgeous day today but I can feel autumn creeping in. Flannel sheet is back on the bottom of my bed this weekend.

  7. First off, I have followed you for years, lost you, then found you again on Insta. I love Minnie, I know it is hard to cope with a puppy, but she is a beauty, and poodles are so smart. I am eagerly awaiting your website!

  8. I hope Minnie feels better soon, when we brought Frodo home as a wee puppy he had an intestinal infection and there were messes EVERY where. It was exhausting. Did the breeder handle her daily? I hope she settles and you can enjoy her more.