Thursday, 15 February 2018

Valentines Day

 The way to my husband's heart is through his stomach... I think he married me for my cooking.

We don't really do commercial stuff... BUT as I was in Wellington (the first time I've been in in about 2 years WOW) I picked him a Garage Project Beer  and some dog treats for his dog Louie. The dog treats are quite interesting they are made using the Brewery's mash. Thanks to Abbey for taking the photo - I smiled that she posed the items in my hops.

Here I'll share their video.

The dog treats are marketed as Mashbone. - Of course Stella got the special pack that had dried crickets in it to make the biscuits red/pink as a promotion for Valentines Day.

Abbey said I just HAD to visit Moore Wilson's - I'd never been before and oh my the choice of vegetables was very awesome and on each label it said where the produce came from - even some local items from Kapiti Coast. So if in Wellington a shop you NEED to visit.

A nice salmon tail cooked in butter - oh man it is nice being able to tolerate butter! with salad and new spuds from my garden. My kind of cooking - simple, fresh and in season. But I'm not a food stylist.

My friend Pam and I have been telling Abbey to share her recipes. AND OH MY she is going to!
She wants to tweak her vegan and gluten free chocolate cake and then she will release her recipe.
Have you seen she has a You Tube? Go and subscribe as that is where you will find out re the recipe.
Abbey made this for us as yesterday which was a very special day for Brent and I on many different levels.


  1. that's the best looking vegan cake i have ever seen! did louie like the treats? they look a lot like the ones i make for winnie.did you use your moon bath this summer?

  2. I hope the treats were well received and no doubt didn't last long.

  3. happy Valentine's day to you!! the cake looks delicious!