Sunday, 4 February 2018


Oh I've been ever so neglecting the Blog.
It's mainly due to my Social Media of choice is Instagram I'm CottageTails over there. 

And I tend to use Iphone - but find it too small to type a Blog post on. 

All is well here at Cottage Tails, in fact January was an AWESOME month and February is looking rather WONDERFUL too! AND MARCH is going to be so EXCITING!
So far I am loving 2018. I hope you are too!

 Above is Brock. He is a Silver Miniature Poodle. AND father to the puppy I am getting.
He was Best Puppy of Breed.

 Above is Vienna, A Beige miniature poodle and mother to the puppy I am getting.

Today Brent took me up to meet the parents and we also got to see their litter.

They are all silver miniature poodles. And in there is one little girl that is coming to live here in four weeks time - March is going to be busy.

Silver Poodles are born black - I never knew that.

At this stage I have a few names floating about for her.... Maggie May, Margot and Poppet. So far Poppet is what I think I'll call her.

We took some videos... I'll get them off the phones tomorrow and share. Just wait until you see Poppet she is sassy!


  1. Oh my goodness how exciting. We think Poppet is a fantastic name!!! A little buddy just for you.

    Love to all.
    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. I so hope she is MINE and loves me the BEST. I will have to make sure Brent does not even look at her.

  2. this is so exciting! i can't wait to see poppet and i love the name! enjoy her as a pup because they sure grow fast!!!

  3. I'll get the video up today - I have to ask Abbey to help me as I've forgotten how to edit LOL. So much technology fries my brain.

  4. there is something special about instagram! I do love the blogs as well, I only write posts on the computer so I'm okay with that limitation. Blogger isn't user friendly on a phone or an ipad.