Sunday, 7 January 2018

First time out all Year

I'm harvesting every evening for our dinners. So far family members are not sick of fresh beans each night. We all love them. And we have cucumbers galore - huge success! And now apple cucumbers yum yum

Yesterday was the first day I had been out all year. Family members were hinting there was not much food... Well there is plenty for breakfast, lunch and dinner but as I do not snack in between meals I did not see it as a problem. I snapped some photos of food we are getting for free from off the land. And ours are organic so would be a lot dearer than these prices if I had to buy at the organic shops.

 I've been enjoying my days going deeper into study.

My word for the year is 
Deeper learning, Deeper healing, Deeper joy.

Do you do a word of the year?

NB not ironed yet
And I've been doing applique and patchwork, Oh my such joy!! I do enjoy a Staycation holiday.

 I got 17 yes 17 movie tickets from my birthday and Christmas, My family know me well!

I got taken to see the Greatest Showman.

Before you go and see it watch this!

Very Awesome aye!!

Farm Stay Guests...
I post daily a little video onto the Farm Stay for Cats Facebook page, but one family does not have Facebook. So I'll try and blog a bit more often so they can see their puddy tats.

I've nearly a full house with Pancho, Bella, Molly, Merlin, Charles, Milo, Muddy and then of course my own cats Lordy, Laura, Cinders and Maji


Hope your first week of 2018 has been wonderful too!


  1. I do think that is very very cool you are growing your own produce. Something I use to do but sadly cannot do anymore as we live in an apartment but I'd love to have my own garden again one day. So much better for you and at least you know where your veges have come from.

  2. What wonderful hauls you are getting from all your hard work in the garden. Yup food shopping is room for lambs or chickens at our place.

  3. What wonderful hauls you are getting from all your hard work in the garden.
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