Monday, 20 November 2017

From land to table

We are having the most amazing Spring. My days are spent outside in the garden as much as possible. I've nearly run out of garden space to plant vegetables....
Sunday was the first real harvest - enough for a meal

I had a play with Iphone to make a movie - thank you Abbey for helping me.

Lamb chops from the freezer that were  off our land. Herbs parsley and rosemary were also picked. Butter and garlic from the shops. MMM maybe I need a cow then I could make butter.

Pudding was strawberries from my garden and some dairy free Ice Cream.
The Ice Cream is New Zealand made called Kohu Road and is dairy free. Ingredients: Coconut cream (52%), strawberries (22%), soluble fibre, sugar, egg yolk (pasteurised), glucose, monk fruit juice concentrate powder, salt. At $11.00 a container it is a treat food that we can have occasionally and tasted like ice cream
We are still reintroducing foods using AIP (autoimmune paleo) - it is so good to tolerate butter! (we tried cheese the other day and still a no). The elimination - reintroduction diet has been so worth it and the healing has been remarkable. 

I love the dinners that are made off our land and as organic and  freshly picked oh it tasted soo good.


  1. There is nothing better than the foods we harvest out of our own gardens...thanks for sharing your photos...

  2. oh wow! radishes with good butter, salt and rye bread are maybe my most favorite things ever!

  3. Great job, looks like one of the best dinners! And yea we need a cow too, to make our own butter... the price of it at the moment, golly!