Saturday, 4 November 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun

 If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this photo of the Purebread order we had delivered. Wheat free and gluten free bread. Locally made and I highly recommend for Paleo folk. It does have yeast so not suitable for everyone.

 It was Brent's birthday yesterday and Abbey did a lot of yummy meals for him. Using Purebread bread she made French toast using eggs and homemade almond milk. Caramelized bananas and nitrate free bacon
 For tea it was homemade hamburgers using Purebread hamburger buns. Everything is cooked from scratch including the meat patties which she baked in the oven. Such a novel way of cooking them as without flour meat patties crumble - but not if cooked in the oven.
A good old kiwi homemade hamburger is something we have all missed. So it went down as a real treat.

 Annabel Langbein's Speedy Mayo is a hit - using only eggs, olive oil, mustard, salt n pepper and lemon juice. See the tomato! Also a treat, going nightshade free as many AIP (autoimmune paleo) folks need to, was also a treat and first time reintroducing into the diet.

For dessert she made her dad a chocolate gluten free, wheat free brownie served with strawberries and coconut yoghurt. If you are wanting her recipes I suggest you start following Abbey on Instagram and her You Tube Channel . I might have done the study to help her on her wellness journey but she is the one that has embraced it and totally committed to changing her diet and lifestyle. She has adapted to the food journey and has been making new recipes up for our family's diet requirements. she needs to write a book of her journey as well as a cookbook.

Brent had a lovely birthday - he took the day off work and enjoyed being with us girls. Louie and his truck.

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