Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Weekend in the Garden

It was Labour Weekend here in New Zealand which means a long weekend for the workers. I had given Brent a dear hubby list and he worked hard helping me in my vegetable gardens. It was very much appreciated as the digging roots work was a bit past my ability. After not tending my vegetable gardens for four years due to study it was a mission to get every last root and weed out of the garden. Build up the soil and now finally it is nearly time to plant.

Next to the kiwifruit I've planted zucchini - a bit too ambitious as the soil is not really warm enough yet but I'm hanging out to eat some. Winter sorrel, wormwood can also be seen in photo.
 The last of the kikuyu grass was removed out of the garden - I plan to plant a purple globe artichoke here which will be next to the traditional green artichokes.

 Painted Lady runner beans - a heirloom variety.

 New netting on strawberries - fingers crossed Louie the doberman will not walk on this as he did as a puppy
 View from top of other garden thyme is in flower, poppies are growing well, I've broccoli, cauli, silverbeet, spinach and beetroot up here and will have scarlet runner beans and purple pod beans on bean frame that is not in photo. (view is of boarding cattery I run as a hobby) and my bush bath
 moon garden around the bush bath - wish you could smell the white lilac it is wonderful.
 Lower garden is getting ready for more planting. Brent put up tunnels for me to heat up the soil. Garlic and shallots are growing well.
 My asparagus bed is giving us lovely meals. Yum Yum. I'm working on an area to plant pumpkins that will trail so been collecting sheep poop (yet to dig in) which pumpkins love! Pumkins this year were crazy expensive.

 The hops has been aggressively cut back and growing like crazy

 radishes are up (carrots not yet)
 But ,my yams are up YEA! I'm have a little fun with Instagram friend RichNZ - to see who can grow the best yams. He showed off a lot this year with his harvest. So far I am winning. BUT there is a story re my yams. The ones I was chitting got all eaten  by friggin rats! War is on re the rats. All blackberry has been cut back around chicken coop - I will miss picking the blackberry but rats have made tunnels right under the chicken coop so quite a mission. We are trapping as do not like using bait which can harm our animals as well as hawks etc that pick up the poisoned rats.
Thank goodness for Koanga as I was able to buy some yams ready to be planted - cost me $30. Do you think I've cheated?

pst don't tell Richnz but this is my workstation to insure I get a hearty crop of yams. Liquid fertiliser from seaweed, worm wee and sheep poop tea, Quite the brew!
Rows of yams, kumera and potatoes with carrots in front.

The beginnings of Giant Russian Sunflowers. I've two trays like this of them and have no idea where I will plant them as they grow 2 meters... But I love sunflowers and thought I'd grow them again this year.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour. it is soo good to be feeling on top of a small part of my garden,
This weeks job is to weed around all the fruit and nut trees, mulch and plant a herbal lay underneath them.

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  1. oh your garden looks wonderful! i'm busy pulling mine out.

  2. your garden is looking fantastic, won't be long before you are harvesting!