Monday, 30 October 2017

Our Weekend

I seem to be managing one blog post a week by grabbing my camera and snapping what we have been doing over the weekend.

I've been pretty good at posting a photo a day on Instagram and taking a one second video every day.

But as for blogging I just can't seem to think of things to share.

I have been playing with ideas of what I'm going to do when my gap year is up and I will be opening up a business relating to naturopathy and herbalism. 

I've really enjoyed having this time off.
How wonderful if everyone could have a gap year in their life.

I did need it as went straight from over 16 years of  homeschooling into study. Many of my friends who homeschooled had a break before they went onto their next life stage journey.

My local library ordered me in Dr Libby's new book - What am I Supposed to Eat. I do like the sensible advice Dr Libby gives and especially found myself nodding along at page 257,

  Said Who? - Where does your advice come from?
.."My concerns, however, lie in nutrition-related information being touted as the be-all-and-end-all for all people, especially when it comes from sources who have no training, beyond what they believe; beyond what they do"

..."There are many health related blogs out there and they tend to typically focus on improving physical and sometimes mental health. Posts often share what the blogger does themselves, offering insights into their lives as well as dietary and exercise routines. Many include advice about how to eat, what exercise to do and self-esteem. They are well-intentioned and often the blogger cares very much about the welfare of others...."

This chapter really struck a chord and why I've been reluctant to share our family's journey back to health. As many long term readers of the blog know I went and studied natural healing as there was nothing the medical world could do. Lots of study and rabbit trails and not just one thing has helped. Instead a lot of different modalities have - but especially food and herbs.

I'm not a big fan of supplements, however there is a time and place for them but I typically only use practitioner only supplements that are synthetic free and have no fillers.

I've a new interest from my studies where I body read people I meet, I can't help it. The kids say I'm becoming like Doc Martin. I nearly actually did the other day in a social setting where a lady was sharing her health concerns - I wanted to ask her if I could have a look at her tongue. Thankfully I stopped myself spurting it out - but I really did want to read her tongue!

Maybe if you are interested in what approach I'd take for your particular illness and how I would read your body to look for root causes. Hay if you are interested flick me an email cottagetails (at) xtra (dot) co (dot) nz. With a brief outline I could write a blog post (annon of course) of what sort of questions I'd ask you, what areas of the iris I'd look for (iridology), body reading I'd want to do, diet and herbal avenues I'd possibly approach.

This might just spur on blogging again for me...

Ok back to my weekend blog posting....
I'm loving the lilacs the house smells wonderful. Just wish it was lilac season, like forever!

Paradise ducks are bringing their ducklings to visit. - SOO CUTE

The boys spent the weekend harvesting pine trees - seems so weird having to have thoughts of winter when it is spring. But a good job done. We really are on a mission to remove all pine trees and replace with natives.

 The Farm Stay Guests did not give a toss re the noise - Beau sat and watched and talked away to me as I picked up the pine cones.
Gus and Geraldine watched from the pond. But the heron that visits was most upset he could not land.

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  1. those two with chain saws are a bit scary....hehehe!

    1. VERY scary I squawked like an old chook when I heard my husband dropped a branch on my babies head - like for real James was using a chainsaw and my mind goes crazy. It was just not a little branch... best I stay in the kitchen when they play with these toys

  2. when I am stressed my blogging mojo suffers - having a 'theme' for the certain days of the week helps me when I find it difficult to write. Blogging is supposed to be fun so you should do it if you are enjoying it regularly :)

  3. Theme days sound perfect - just what I need to get back to it. xx