Monday, 16 October 2017

First trip away in the truck

 We were invited to a 60th birthday party (now how scary is that, that we are going to 60th's!) which was in the Wairarapa. I've been out of sorts for a few months processing some very deep hurt from friends and extended family which has rocked my world. I don't seem to be as resilient as I used to be. It's been a bit tough what the universe has been throwing my way.

Brent suggested we take the truck on her first big journey and Abbey said why don't you guys stay the night!

I'm not a great traveller and do not like the Rimutaka Hill Road - which in the above photo we are parked at the top. Brent took it slow around the windy corners which the truck handled no problems. I wasn't sick just a tad queasy. (I have my eyes closed most of the way).

 Of course a visit to Wits End is always a must in Featherston.

 We chose The Gamekeeper's Cottage in Featherston to stay at.
 I was delighted with the entry - lavender and lambs ear's. My heart skipped a beat or two!
 The wisteria was heaven!

 It was the first time in 30 years that the pickup truck has slept outside. And it rained!!!

 The cottage had a neat decoration theme of hunting. A collection of  firearm holsters, fishing rods, whisky containers and even the curtains fitted the theme.
The building was built in 1854 and there was photos of the rebuild on the wall.

 It was really warm and cozy with the fire and even a lamp so I could knit. It also had a claw foot bath which we enjoyed bubble baths in.
A mean gas stove. Gosh I'd love to have this in my home.
 We always pick places that are a bit unique - but they must have a kitchen so I can cook. I prefer to cook than eat out. I cook very simply, in season meals and we are now on the reintroduction stage of autoimmune paleo diet. So we had fresh salad with a tomato (first time reintroducing tomatoes), fresh new potatoes, scotch fillet steak with mushrooms and caramelized onions. For pudding some strawberries and dark chocolate.
For breakfast I cooked whitebait (very first of the season) omelette with asparagus plus a few strawberries left over from previous night.

The Gamekeeper's Cottage was private, unique, and comfortable. The hosts were really nice people and allowed us to arrive at 1pm to drop off our bags on the way to the party. I have to be honest tho as many of our blog readers have taken our recommendations and also visited where we have been over the years. It was $190.00 per night. We were disappointed with the cleanliness - just little things, and a few big things... dead dried crusty blowflies on kitchen bench, no milk in fridge, no butter or jam etc for toast, not that we would have used them but it is the first time I've ever seen no provision of these. The tea, coffee jars were greasy and contents old looking. No salt shaker (cooking salt in greasy container - pass!). The pots and pans were filthy as were plates. I get so angry having to wash dishes before using them! Mirrors not cleaned. Hand towel had the sour smell - blokes with beards know this I'm told. Only two bath towels and one teatowel  and  no extra bedding if cold. Thankfully we have a blanket kept in the truck which Brent brought inside to pop on the bed.

We gave it a 3/5. Made the best of it and enjoyed our little trip. We were home in time for lunch and much nicer weather over here on the Kapiti Coast so I got to spend the afternoon in my garden. BLISS.

Plus the old pick up truck went really well on her first big journey. She is so comfortable to ride in. We have more trips away planned in her.

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  1. Hi Leanne, lovely to see your beautiful old/new truck! She's a beauty. I appreciate your honest statements about your accommodation, wouldn't it be awesome if the owners read this post and took on the points you made of areas of improvement, because other than those things I would have been keen for a road trip in my Mitzi!

    1. Hi Leeanne, yes was a shame as really great spot and I loved how they had the gamekeeper theme throughout the cottage. Maybe we just stayed in a time when they had not done a quality check.

  2. My family are flat out down the river as usual lol. Whitebait aren't my favourite fish but I guess they are healthy. Truck looks good. It's a shame about the accommodation but you make everything look amazing Leanne!!

    1. I am looking forward to retirement when I can sit and whitebait. But I'm not sure my garden will ever let me off for long. Truck is really really comfortable. We have a few more trips planned in her and over the coming years plans of travelling more around NZ.

  3. I am so sorry you are having a hard time right now. :( And I am glad you went on a get-away with your love. :) Tell your hubby I am in love with his truck. I wish my hubby would make me one of those. You take care, Kit

    1. aww thank you, I am coming right but its been tough. The truck is his... I have suggested he rebuild and soop up an old Ford Coupe for me... xxx PS his eyes lit up I think it must be a good choice.

  4. Hi, I visited a great BnB yesterday that I'm sure you'd love. Te Popo gardens in Taranaki, it's so peaceful and Amanda the owner is super sweet. It just so happens they are my neighbours too ;O) Love love love the truck!!!

    1. Oh thanks soo much! I had a peek at your recommendation. We want to attend very very soon! so close so awesome thank you