Monday, 4 September 2017

Our Weekend.

Lambing has finished - there is a question if Trump serviced a ewe before he left -
 if so it is not due until quite late September.

I've been putting video's and stories (still learning how to do these) over on Instagram I'm not sure how to add videos taken on Iphone to the blog.
I do hope you can see the videos over on Instagram as the lambs are now playing and such a joy to watch.

We have 15 lambs and man they are cute!
But as I've shared before we have had a really heartbreaking lambing season. 
Lost 6 lambs and one ewe
I'm too soft for such loss. I'm really thinking hard if I want lambs next year. But also thinking very seriously of getting in a new line of rare breed sheep called Rylands

Photo that popped up on James's memories of 2 years ago using our paddock to teach a friend to drive in.
Photo taken yesterday showing the ponds that have developed with all the wet we have had. We are in for another wet week. So I'll leave the lambing pen up in the bathroom for another week or two - just incase... fingers crossed we will not need it.

New visitor to our place. A female pheasant. of course we fed her as she was right up at the chicken coop. Later we saw her mate at the top of the hill. I sure hope they come back daily and join in at feeding time. We have quite the collection of critters visiting. Awesome aye!

A run in the truck to Ruth Pretty's.

Saturday night to the movies to see Dunkirk. A tad too violent for me. I would have preferred to have seen this movie  from the viewpoint of more of the civilians that were doing the rescue rather than all the war action 3/5

Sunday night video hire Going in Style. Very funny but I'm a big fan of Morgan Freeman. Good light hearted movie - which is more my thing. 5/5 from me.

Hope you all had a good weekend too.

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  1. Saw Dunkirk last night and did not feel it lived up to all the hype. Poor story line and too much time spent on drowning scenes. Looking forward to Victoria and Abdul which opens soon her..
    Not familiar with Roland's as a breed, assume you are thinking about them because of their r sist nice to foot rot given how wet your paddocks are?

  2. That should be rylands .... hate auto-correct

  3. oh we too are looking forward to Victoria and Abdul
    The Ryland breed are smaller and have good yarn, also meat breed. It was terrible trying to pull the ewe out of the pond she was far too heavy for us girls. I'm not getting younger and Abbey will not always be here to help me - yes she is getting that well EXCITING aye.

  4. lovely weekend and lambing is over already? it went fast for me watching you do the season :) We are headed to fall - yay!

  5. How wonderful to have a pair of pheasants hanging around. Doesn't anyone eat them anymore? We used to. Not that I'm advocating for it now as I don't like hunting. I have to agree with you on Dunkirk and did you notice the flotilla of little boats at the finish how smart and painted up they looked. They didn't look at all realistic. I only went because a girlfriend thought it was going to be fantastic but when it finished she walked out and told all of the waiting audience for the next session not to bother it was awful! Really put a damper on the start of their night! I was a bit embarrassed.

  6. Thanks for your sharing.How wonderful to have a pair of pheasants hanging around.
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