Monday, 21 August 2017


I'm officially a chicken rustler
This girl has been hanging out at our place and I have no idea where she has come from.
When none of my family were looking I laid a trail... a bit like Hansel and Gretel which led into our chicken coop. I could not believe how easy it was. (maybe I was a real rustler in a previous life) BUT then our three old girls went into the coop and I shut the door. There was a little hen pecking by Brodie, but the new girl just hung her head and let herself be pecked at. Then it was all over they have been getting on fine. Will leave them locked in for another day and then see if she stays when we let her out.
I hope she gives me an egg a day.
Her name is Wonder from an Instagram friends suggestion.

I can't tell you how good it is to be thinking of quilting again. I have a few baby quilts on the go.

 My crocheting is coming along slowly.... trying to be good and weave in ends as I go....
Totally loving this project! But the yarn is working out to be extremely expensive.

Plans for buying at KAN next weekend.
I'm not a shopper and know that when we are at the wool stalls I will be so overwhelmed with choices and possibly crowds that I would buy nothing. So I've made a plan. I've chosen a few projects I would like to knit and will be looking for wool for these patterns

 Abbey is going to teach me to knit socks. I've found if I wear a thin pair of cotton socks under hand knitted ones I don't get creeped out by the texture of the wool. (Princess feet I have). Plus my feet keep soo warm with wool socks!
Abbey has a pattern called I will Think About it Tomorrow  that she is going to get me to learn on.

It's her birthday today... and Abbey is having a sale. Click here to go to her Instagram account to find out more. If you feel inclined show her some birthday love and shout yourself a pattern or two.

 Brent has been asking for a scarf... I'm the slowest knitter ever.... but I've chosen Dashing Fella pattern. He is teasing me how long it will take to get finished.

Do-Re-Mi Cowl for me. 

Pumpkin Ale for my next cardi

I'm not planning to purchase for all projects... but with a plan in mind I should find some wool to bring home. Plus I have Abbey and she is so good with matching colour that suits the person and also the project.. so truth being told Abbey will shop for me, she has helped me choose the patterns too.

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  1. that hen was so lucky to have found you. maybe she thinks she died and is now in heaven! your knitting is so wonderful as is your crochet and quilting! to be so talented...sigh! tell abbey a BIG happy birthday from me!!!!

  2. love the array of knitting, I'm inspired and itching to start something new. But first I need to finish other projects. How cute you have a chicken who adopted you instead of the other way around.

  3. Wonder is a sweetie, we had a visiting chicken for a weeks, I called her 'Chooken". Lovely lovely knits! The socks and that pumpkin cardi! happy quilt creating.