Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Birthday Food

Abbey made her own birthday cake - aka pudding. A recipe from Homegrown Kitchen's cookbook.  Magical Ice Cream Swirl Cake. It was gluten free, nut free and dairy free so everyone in the family could eat it. It was a hit and will be made again. I even enjoyed it and I'm not a big fan of coconut cream.
 Wellington on a Plate is currently on and the Food trucks came to Kapiti. Because Origin Food Shack came we went out for tea. A very rare occurrence with all our diet needs.... I could not fault it, and that is saying something as I am terribly fussy. Highly recommend and I will be chasing down the shack if I see it again.

 Brent & I all wrapped up warm enjoying our meal out. I'm wearing my Wurm hat I knitted. Jazzy aye - and it's ever so practical as it  keeps my ears warm!
 James is NOT into healthy food.... you do not want to know what he ate!!!!
And ate... Abbey enjoyed her birthday dinner out - so wonderful the event coincided with her birthday.

Oh and for lunch I took Abbey out to a local cafe Sunday Catina in Waikanae - highly recommend. So very very awesome that we are getting local, food we can eat. (I forgot to take photos of our lunch)


  1. Looks like a funday out.
    happy birthday abbey xx

  2. tell james i want to know what he ate!!!

  3. Oh so good to see the family! You look happy and I would love some of your cool weather right here....lol Still quite hot and smokey here. Take care, Kit

  4. Jazzy aye - and it's ever so practical as it keeps my ears warm!
    Vertical garden plantes