Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cottage Tails Podcast - Episode one

I so enjoy other people's Podcasts/Vlogs and often watch them while folding the washing, ironing, or sitting down after lunch with a cuppa while I do some knitting.

SO I've decided to have a go....

I hope you enjoy it with a cuppa or while doing the ironing... 

Let me know what you think and if you want another.
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Show Notes 

  • Cup - Emma Bridgewater   Purchased from John Lewis. This was a Mother's Day gift and imported into New Zealand. We so need a supplier in New Zealand! 

  • Planting by the Moon - in the Southern Hemisphere, garlic is best planted from the Full Moon to Waxing Moon. On Friday is the New Moon so I'm going to wait until June this year to plant my garlic. Traditionally garlic is planted on the Shortest Day and harvested on the Longest Day. Usually I plant my garlic in May ---- so we will see what kind of harvest I get this year.
  • Bach remedy
- Mimulus. Mimulus is used for known fear. Eg my fear of earthquakes (gosh I hate them), or any other fear you can label eg fear of flying, dogs etc.....

-Rock Rose is the remedy to reach for for absolute terror. Eg if lots of aftershocks happen Rock Rose can help assist keep a person scared of earthquakes calmer.


The projects can be found on my Ravelry Page

Hat-  Pattern is Treehouse Hat ,
         Wool is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter colour Tent. 
          Purchased (gift) from Holland Road Yarns 

Shawl - Pattern is Pure Joy 
             Wool is 100% lambs wool hand dyed by Ruataniwhadye Studio
             One skein purchased direct from dyer and other skein from Holland Road Yarns (gift)

Cardi - Pattern is Georgetown Cardi
            Wool is NZ = 45% polwarth, 45% alpaca, 10% possum  by Outlaw Yarn in their Bohemia                    worsted - Royal colour.
             Purchased from Holland Road Yarns 

Jumper - Pattern Kingston Tunic
              Wool - organic 100% merino 10 Ply in Chocolate
               Purchased from Briar Patch 
  • Listening on Audio

which is coming out as a movie.

Huge love and  thanks to Abbey, our daughter for helping me with all the techno stuff .


  1. Oh, I loved it! I like podcasts but yours is the first one that I've watched when I've been reading the person's blog for awhile. So it's like I know you but actually seeing you and hearing you talk is really fun. I did have a hard time understanding your accent but managed to follow along pretty well. Sort of like reading and seeing a word you don't know you often can figure out the meaning from the context. I do hope you will do more. It was a lot of fun for me and I hope for you as well.

    1. Thank you Vic! My girlfriend was just about rolling on the floor with laughter. Apparently there is a setting when watching You Tube that gives subtitles. However the program/system could not work out my kiwi accent or slang and it was way off. Very funny. I hope to try again in a week or so - last few weeks have been crazy here and not been up to much except life.

  2. Well done Leanne. I have just returned from your neck of the woods to welcome my new grandson into the world. I picked up a book from Paraparaumu library," Emma Bridgewater." Have you read it? I think you would enjoy it! Cheers

    1. Oh congratulations! How special. Yes Loved the book. I often recommend books to the library and they get them in for me. You are so lucky being here at the moment what amazing weather we are having. Enjoy your time with family.

  3. In my haste I should've written Toast & Marmalade but then you knew that. I can't believe Vic cant understand "kiwi" but I could understand if it was a younger person because they have a completely different accent! While I was over I popped down to Shoreline to see "Pecking Order" mainly because my father was a member of the Poultry & Pigeon Club back in the 70's and he used to hoon all over the country showing these fancy pigeons. My sister went with him and he would give her a pocket full of money to spend on carnival rides for the day. He also corresponded by letter to breeders in USA and they used to write these beautiful letters back and always signed"yours in the fancy!" What a great little theatre to watch all of those oddball films that I enjoy!