Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A rather random blog update

 Brent on one of the Sunday drives with the hot rod club. I didn't go as he has yet to put windows in the doors so a tad chilly zooming along the highway at this time of the year - I'm a bit soft aye!
He only has the windows to go in, locks on the doors and something for the speedo to go.
 Marty - following along in his car (sorry forget what type)
 I spy Marty's and Brent's car/truck amongst the other cars that turned up

 Today I begin the cast off of the Pure Joy shawl - it has been an enjoyable knit. I'm looking forward to wearing it... it is COLD and Wet here.

Gosh I LOVED Britt-Marie was Here, It even made me reorganise my cutlery draw. Have you read/listened to it?

 The last of the nuts are near - walnuts have finished and now the almonds.

 Mack and Stella at the beach on Mother's Day

Louie has another Doggie Diploma - he has passed grade two. (But he still barks - oh he is ever so naughty at this... and shreds his bedding).

I'm so out of routine with blogging... I think it is because I use my phone for a camera and upload a photo to Instagram and Facebook each day.

Plus when I have thought ok I'll blog today the weather is nice and I've been getting outside early in my garden.

Brent  brought me some cocoa husks to mulch the rose garden, as I thought I wanted them. Oh my goodness when first put on it smelt like I was in a chocolate factory. I could have rolled in it. But I do not think I will use it again, as it rots down it goes mouldy and does not look very pretty. The photo is of it just put on.

Totally enjoying having the time to make some tinctures up. I'm setting up my apothecary - one step to getting into business.

I keep getting emails when will I be open - I knew after the workload from study I was a tad burnt out and felt I needed to have 3 months before I thought of setting up shop.(three months has gone GASP) A friend said she thought I would need 6 months and Brent said take a gap year. So a year off it is.

For Mother's Day I picked Trolls to watch on DVD. My adult children and their dad rolled their eyes at my choice. But we all laughed and really enjoyed it. Totally worth getting out for an easy watch. I'm such a big kid!


  1. i just love that truck! especially the grill! i did the cocoa mulch thing once and did not like it either. you deserve a year off! i totally burned out cooking for 50 every day. i am so enjoying my off time!

  2. Memories! We had one of those cars (Marty's)