Monday, 24 April 2017


 Oh my the weather has been amazing, warm sunny days, cool nights. Perfect for bonfires.
 I got the fire in the house going for Abbey
James is smoking up the barn with all his activity.

 Brent, Louie and I got to spend a relaxing evening around the bonfire. My kind of date night!
The flame gazing is totally relaxing and one can feel the benefits to the old adrenals...

 Sunday Brent took me for a burn in the truck - to the garden shop. ALL yes ALL roses were $15.00 each including standards. I did so want new standards to go by front door. Iceberg were the only ones left. I nearly got them but as I adore colour and David Austin roses I picked shrub roses.

Sweet Juliet
Sweet Juliet

On way home we stopped in at Ruth Pretty's for a cuppa. I have never had a bad cuppa or treat there ever. As I no longer have coffee or cake in the home I do so enjoy a jolly nice cuppa and treat. Oh my the ginger slice was just how I used to make it with heaps of ginger - DELISH!

Changing the diet for family members has been totally worth it for their health. 
But I have struggled. I miss cooking how I used to cook. I miss eating food I enjoyed.
It is quite the adjustment to flip your diet on its head.
And often it falls to the wife/mother as we are typically the ones that do the grocery shopping, menu plan to suit all dietary requirements as well as likes and dislikes and then us mums/wives cook it.

But saying that it has been totally worth it and the results outstanding for all the effort.

Sunday evening I listened to a wonderful new Podcast by Mrs M S Curiosity Cabinet. Oh my you need to click out and go read her blog and listen to her Podcast. You will love it if you like crafting (especially knitting), sustainability, and home made wardrobes.

While listening I casted on my Pure Joy Shawl. The wool is 100% lambs wool from Otago New Zealand but it is dyed in Tokyo by  Ruataniwhadye Studio. So far it is a super fun pattern to knit. I'm up to learning short rows.
The project bag was a gift from a friend - she embroidered it and is very special to me.

So another fabulous weekend. I even got to lie in bed both Saturday and Sunday - something I never do but as there are no Farm Stay Guests currently I do not have to get up. Plus I am trying ever so hard to work on getting enough sleep so staying in bed for as long as I can is terribly good for me, not just decadent.

Hope you all had a great weekend too, see yea on Friday.


  1. how i love a bonfire! i can imagine how hard changing the diet would be. your embroidered bag is very special!

  2. The project bag is just gorgeous. What a friend to make it just for you.