Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kahu (Swamp Harrier) and Karearea (NZ Falcon).

 Kahu (Swamp Harrier)
Karearea (NZ Falcon)

How awesome is this... both birds have been at our place this week!
I can now clearly see the difference between them.

My google search re the NZ Falcon led me to the New Zealand Falcon website where they ask you to record sightings.
I received a great email back confirming that it is a young harrier and that the falcon is possibly a male as they are a lot smaller than the females. He also commented we must be rural enough to get both visiting us. (Rural for how long.... we have heard there are plans for more subdivisions around us, and of course the new motorway is only a few paddocks away.....).
He also said it is not too uncommon to see the Falcons especially in Waikanae on the eastern side backing onto the hills.

It is so on my bucket list to visit Wingspan in Rotorua.


  1. Great photos Leanne, very awesome that they have been visiting you!

    1. I gather you would get them visiting your farm?. Hope the storm is not too bad for you xx