Monday, 10 April 2017


OK... I am getting there of what I'm doing re the blog....

I started blogging like most bloggers do - so friends that lived overseas could see what we had been up to and it has morphed into all different kinds of things. 

Now that I've finished homeschooling our children and they are both living their own lives, and I've finished my naturopath studies. 

A new phase is blossoming and so the flavour of the blog is once again changing...

The biggest change is I am no longer going to blog about the cats that come and stay. This is due to I'm now using an Iphone. The Iphone allows for me to take videos and great quality photos of the cats.  For technology, it is easier to upload the videos and photos to Facebook Group rather than to a blog.

A separate Facebook Group has been opened - Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats. 
It will be exclusively used for photos and videos of the cats staying. 

I invite you to join the Facebook Group - Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats and also share the Group with friends and family so they too can see your cat while staying.

 Please feel free to also join if you just enjoy seeing photos of the cats.

I've been asked if I open the Farm Stay to cats we have not bred. The answer depends ....firstly the Farm Stay is a hobby, it is not a business. I used to breed Burmese and Mandalay cats and when I stopped breeding I began using the runs so the owners could bring the cats all back as boarders. 

If you have been following Cottage Tails blog/social media and have a cherished, well loved, pampered cat, (or your friend does) you can make contact with me for the possibility of your cat having a holiday at the farm. (spaces are available for Easter Weekend)

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