Friday, 31 March 2017

The Grocery Girl Swap.

I've shared before how I enjoy the Podcast of the Grocery Girls who are two sisters that make an enjoyable show. They organised a Spring Swap which I joined.

My parcel arrived yesterday from Ohio USA. My what a treat, And might I add a bit of happiness into the day. One of our ewes had got injured and needed to be put down. Never a nice day but with having animals comes joys and sadness.
So to have the postie and then man to put the ewe down at the same time was very helpful in distracting my mind of the deed that had to happen....

What a wonderful parcel - Smooth Operator Sock pattern (I've tried once to knit socks and felt like throwing them across the room - I can't for the life of me work with 4 sticks at once.... but I'm gonna have another go and I have Abbey to help me).
Such perfect yarn for a Grocery Girl swap with Hue Loco Tightly Knit - Big Sister set. The big sister is Traci (blond) of the girls.
Some fun knitting notions and if that was not spoiling me enough, my swap buddy asked if there was anything I cannot get in New Zealand that I would like and I mentioned how I have wondered what the Taproot magazine was like. Can you believe it - she organised for a copy to be sent to me and it is currently in the mail. I'd love to know what you all think of Taproot.

This is my parcel to my swap buddy - everything 100% New Zealand. She wanted woolly smelling yarn. Anna Gratton wool was perfect.  I also tucked in a ball of Stay Cat Socks, Some Tui lip balm, Some lamb treats for her dogs - Ziwipeak and  kiwi pineapple lumps with instructions to pop in the freezer before eating (the best way to eat them don't you agree). Plus a card from Drawingafineline - Annabelle Rodger. I had super fun choosing for my swap buddy, Plus her parcel arrived from me on the same day as I got hers- what fun!

The Grocery Girls will be having another swap so keep an eye out on their Ravelry Page. Highly recommend and you too might make a new knitting friend out of it,

Farm Stay Guests...

Beau and Sienna are a joy to look after, I get such a lovely welcome from them. It's quite hard to get photos as they really just want to have a sit on my lap rather than get photographed.


  1. what fun! really great stuff! sorry about the ewe. what happened to it?

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your ewe. I'm glad you had some nice things to sway your mind for a while. Yarn is always good for a smile!

  3. sorry to hear about your animal friend hurting themselves. Do you mind if I ask you where you purchase your sock wool from as we don't have a wool shop anymore in Mt Maunganui. The shop I use to go to had been open for the past 30 years but closed down last year it was a shame as you could go in and ask her anything about knitting and she would help you.