Saturday, 11 March 2017

Slow cooking

 Raising ones own meat for the pot ensures we honour the whole animal and we use every little bit, not just the muscle meat. Neck chops always seem to be left at the bottom of the freezer until Abbey came across a Barefoot Contessa's four hour lamb and bean dish. It is well adapted by using bone broth and using up the neck chops and we omit the wine. Totally delish and so good for you by using slow cooking and bone broths..... Suitable for AIP reintroduction with the beans that have been well soaked, and well cooked.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Pinto and Pancho are good buddies,
 Oh Pancho you look sad, but he wasn't, we had just had a game with his fuzzy wand, Should I have put up the photo? If not then his mum and nana would only have got a photo of the day of his fluffy bottom (above) from looking at Pinot.

 I snapped these yesterday but then ran out of time to blog last night, not sure why or what I was doing. We had such a hot sunny day yesterday, Today it's wet and I'm itching to get in the garden...
Sterling, Omar and Coco went home today, They are such a pleasure to look after. I felt mean tricking them out of their nice warm igloo (they were all curled up together) to pack them up into their carry cages. Temptation treats are such bribery,,,,,

Pinto also falls for my bribery of temptations after his meds.... maybe I'll ask someone to video how I get pills into Pinot.... I have quite the knack and it is all to do with treats...


  1. that looks wonderful! we have snow....woohoo!!! we went to the first maple festival today and had a blast!

    1. we have rain... whoop whoop for your snow. It feels like just the other day you were at the MAPLE festival