Friday, 31 March 2017


First up, thanks for your comments and emails.. I have been feeling like I've been talking to myself and really tossing up if to keep going with the blog.
Let me know what you think.. and give me some feedback of what topics you would like to read about on the blog.

 The new ram Trump... He's doing what he does best (nothing useful) - Here he is sitting down on the job....  The question is will we have lambs this spring?

 I've left yesterday's post up in the air re what happened to one of the ewes. We are unsure what happened but at a guess she got her foot caught in a rabbit hole and tripped and fell down the bank.
She was found in the morning in a puddle, wet, cold miserable and in real bad shape. We have hunting friends who can do the deed quickly when required, Its done humanely with compassion and respect. Still, after having sheep for over 17 years now it never gets easier...

We have had a plague of rabbits and Brent has been busy filling in the holes...and filling the freezer for me with rabbit.... Rabbits are mighty cute due to Beatrix Potter... However in real farm life they are pests, wreck the land and are destructive to livestock and my garden.

Kate asked where do we get sock yarn from:

Stray Cat Sock is Abbey's favourite sock yarn in New Zealand. Hay if you buy any tell her Abbey sent you!

Farm Stay Guests....

 Beau and Sienna....

Remember these super cute mice?

They will be at the Knack Market tomorrow and are $5.00 each. (I've four coming my way, one for each of my cats)


  1. I went to the stray cats website. Love the vibrant colors. Only problem would be deciding which one to choose. I saved the web address. Have to think about that one!

    1. When I got to KAN at Napier I hope she has a booth as will choose a pack for me.

  2. We love your blog. You post whatever you fancy. We love to hear about books, cats, the farm, sheep all of it.


    1. Thanks Julie... feel a new direction is needed... new stage in life.... new direction.

  3. I'm still here Leanne. Don't stop yet ! I love to hear about your life and interests too. However, maybe you need a little break x

    1. Judy are you on Instagram? I am sharing over there.