Sunday, 26 March 2017

Movies, Royalty and Cats

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie A Street Cat Named Bob. It was better than the book in my opinion. Do look out for the cameo appearance at the end of the author James Bowen. Loved the story of Kate meeting Bob - here is the link.

Farm Stay Guests

I am pleased Sheba and Cleo were not put into a communal cattery (I personally  would never put my cat in one). They have found their first time away from home (in nearly 10 years) to be a bit strange. They have enjoyed our visits down to see them and enjoy being petted and snuggle in. I feel they are just settling in well and now it is time for them to go home today.


  1. Thanks for the movie trailer. I enjoyed reading the book, the movie looks like a must see!

  2. I liked the book, but like you thought the movie was better and not as cheesy as it might have been.