Friday, 3 March 2017

Farm Stay Guests.

 I'm slowly getting into a new routine after all the years of studying and homeschooling. It felt weird having nothing I HAD to do each day. Louie the doberman demands his morning walk. I used to just run him in the paddocks but loving the daily trips we are taking. I'm hitting 12K steps on fitbit. Oh my goodness what a difference not sitting on my butt all day.

Then it's into the garden listening to Podcasts while I garden. I've just started Truly Myrtle's Podcast she put up today. Her mum was a guest and they cracked me up planning  marriage/babies for son/brother. I haven't listened to all of it, so a date in the garden it will be tomorrow to finish listening to them.

Abbey, her friend and I have signed up for KAN - Knit August Nights. We will be travelling to the event in August to Napier. Libby AKA Truly Myrtle is running I class, I do hope I get to be in one of her classes... feels weird, but it feels like I know her from following her Instagram and Podcasts. I wonder if she would mind having the world slowest knitter in her class.

Are you going to KAN?

I'm getting the hang of Instagram and posting photos most days at Cottage Tails . Which then I push a button and it goes to Cottage Tails Facebook page too. It's quicker than a blog and a lot more interactive which is fun. As I've got Farm Stay Guests back I'll blog so that their owners and family can see their loved feline family members. I have got quite out of routine re blogging...

 Chester is 17 years old the oldest guest I have, he feels frail but still spritely. Too fast for my camera skills.

 Coco is a Mandaburms and lives with Omar and Sterling.

 Omar.. the best photo I got of him today,

It was such a joy to have Sterling just settle in, it is wonderful when they seem to remember me. Sterling was terribly scared on his first visit so I was tickled pink that he did no hiding at all and walks about as if he owns the place.


  1. you must feel like you are on vacation now! what comes next? will you have clients coming to your home or do you do everything online?

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