Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Annabel Langbein's new cookbook Essential is out. Brent said "go shout yourself a copy". As Annabel is travelling New Zealand signing her book I popped up and brought a copy and got mine signed. She is as lovely in person as in the media. She shared she is now cooking for family members with different dietary needs and "gets" what it is like. She has made the book very gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly with fab index.

It is hard pleasing everyone and on top of that doing all the different diets....It drives me nuts at times. And is actually quite stressful.

BUT we have seen a big difference in health.  So it is worth it,

I keep sane by having a coffee and treat when I go out with friends. But slowly accepting that might have to stop for me. (not till after Friday and Sunday!). Why is it us mums always look after ourselves last and put others before us?

We really are living in an experimental time re food with GMO's, packaged foods from supermarkets, antibiotics fed to our animal that we eat. Then there is the poor soil from over agricultural farming. Oh and do not get me started on supplements. CRAZY most are synthetic...(a post for another day on these).

Oh if you are interested in such topics sign up for the Koanga Institutes free web class at 2pm tomorrow. Kay Baxter is sharing. I'm all signed in and looking forward to it.

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Farm Stay Guests....

Beau and Sienna are here for three weeks. They have the full cattery to own. Love it how Sienna does the old head bunting that many of my line do.

If you have a friend that is looking for a nice place for their cat to stay do share about us - I currently have room.


  1. to think about how eating has changed in just 50 years makes my head swim. and it all started with those damn TV dinners.

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