Sunday, 12 March 2017

Birthday and rain...

 We have had a weekend of heavy rain, not as severe as Auckland but enough to please the geese and frogs with two full ponds. The ponds have not dried up at all this summer and it's been special listening to the frogs in the evenings.
The rain leaves a parting along the sheep's back. The wool is rather white under the top layer.

 Lordy left and Cinder's right. Lordy turned 14. He was our stud cat and has sired most of the cats that come back for a holiday.
 Lordy and Laura.
 Laura and her daughter Maji

Farm Stay Guests...
 What a shame I had my camera zoomed in too close when I went into Pancho's run, He was sitting so neatly with his tail curled about him. I tried to zoom out but missed it as he jumped down. Pancho has been a bit bossy and frisky this visit. His fluffy wand gets him all excited.

It is lovely seeing Pinot so well and back to his old self. He talks away and purrs. Has a good appetite and taking his drugs fine for us. (Pinot is Lordy's son, Laura is his grandma)

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