Thursday, 5 January 2017

Yarn Along.....

 Abbey and James brought me some New Zealand yarn that is dyed in Japan and sent back to New Zealand from Ruataniwha Dye Studio 

Plus the Pure Joy pattern to make a shawl with it. Yummy aye!

I have not started it yet. I've been in a froggit mode and starting things all over again..
I was in knitters denial but back on track now with my linen scarf.

I'm not reading any books - my days are full of sitting on butt looking longingly out the window at the sunny days... swotting for exams. I'll share, it is overwhelming. This last hurdle to finish my naturopath course is challenging. 
I hope you will forgive me for not being in blog land and not blogging much while I get through all this.
The self doubts creep up wondering if I will be able to recall it all for the exams. Which I suppose is natural ... like I haven't done exams in 37 years! GULP.

Ok it is time for Christmas - our Pohutukawa tree (New Zealand's Christmas Tree) is finally in flower. It is very late this year. For non kiwi's it is pronounced poo hoot a car waaaaa. Wish I could hear you all try and pronounce it.

Farm Stay Guests....

 Merlin checking in on the girls. - love the kinky tail....

bribery and corruption with treats trying to get the girls still for a photo, They do like to come and rub around my legs which makes it terribly hard to get a photo.

Note to Molly's mum she is only a little bit rolly from staying here. 

Also I've been watching A HomeSpun House Podcasts so I'm seeing what the weather is like in Berlin.

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  1. Good on you brave Merlin. You will be brave too Leanne and have done all the work for your exam.

    I love your shawl, it looks like it will be nice to snuggle under when it is finished.

  2. i bet you can't wait for the exams to be over. i bet you will be splendid! i love the yarn colors!

  3. How cute! He's always been interested in the 4-legged friends at the neighbours :-)

    All the best for your exam Leanne - I can very much relate to the anxiousness about whether enough knowledge has been retained for exams but 'm sure it will all flood in when the timer starts.

  4. good luck with your testing :) lovely yarns!!