Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tussie Mussie

 Charles, Milo and Muddy's mum gave me a Tussie Mussie Posy
 Both of us could not identify which is this plant in the posy - Any ideas?

Farm Stay Guests...
 Like how could I not love what I do when I get waved at by Pancho when he sees me coming down to the cattery?
 Can you see Pancho in his SleepingPod? He is soo amazing and happily goes in it so I can zip into the other cat runs. Pancho does not mind at all and even got a cuddly yesterday form one of Pinot's family - a young girl who thought he was lovely.
I didn't get a photo of Bella and Molly tonight - I need like 6 hands to get in their run with a camera and their dinner. But man what a fuss the girls made of Brent earlier in the day when he opened and taped up their cat flap...These girls prefer men by far. Talk about put it on for the blokes.

 Ella was tucked up in her igloo so this was the best photo I got of her.
Pancho is in the middle run with girls on both sides of him.
 The boys - Charles, Muddy and Milo all snuggled up. I have never had to heat hotties for the cats in January but with our cool summer (now raining) I've been putting hotties in the boys beds and as they are getting on now (Charles will be 14 end of the month) they sure liked the extra touch.


  1. I know - cold again tonight. I have kept my flannelette sheet on the bottom of the bed.

    1. I know soo cold... I'm back in thermals and socks and long pants, The cats are all snug as bugs. Would never of thought I'd be heating cat hotties in late January.

  2. How bizzare it's been so chilly down your way Leanne! (it's been so hot and dry here) ...thankfully it finally rained last night. I love your tussie mussie and believe that plant is a Hypericum "Everlasting Beauty" Have a great week! Jx