Friday, 13 January 2017

Sore Tummies..(warning could be too much info)

Our own homegrown organic Billington plums are soo abundant ... and soo yummy... I ate too many and had a sore tummy..  My mother will be shaking her head, she reads the blog on her Ipad. As a kid I always got a sore tummy from fresh seasonal fruit... when will I learn?

 The funniest thing has happened. A magpie that hangs out here meows like a cat.
I'll try and get it on video one day.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Pinot was all booked into the vet today... he was not too good, and I know Pinot well... well enough to know he needed to be seen by a vet... That was until he had a mammoth bowel motion.
Then he felt all better much so that I cancelled the vet appointment  he must of had a sore tummy too....

 Merlin had a few days of sore tummies too... not sick enough to worry his mum or call a vet, I'm pretty sure it was due to his tinned food, Once I got him on cat mince his tummy troubles all sorted themselves out. (Merlin's mum remind me to give you a bag of my mince to go home with as I think his tinned food needs to go back to the pet shop. I can't have Merlin going home with nothing to eat)

As for Molly and Bella... they have not had sore tummies but they are rather full... Molly was not meant to put on any weight ... but she has just a little...round tummy.

NB disclaimer sorry no photos got taken today I forgot... So I've looked through the camera to see what I had.

As a naturopath (who is nearly qualified - a month tomorrow!!) I'm often asked what should bowel motions look like. The Bristol Stool Chart is  good guide.
Like really I've friends that look in the toilet bowel and say "Leanne sure would be pleased with that".

Well I warned yea all it was gonna be a too much information blog post....


  1. We hope everyone's tummies are better. I have just scoffed 4 apricots so best not eat anymore tonight.

    1. 4 is like nothing when you are picking fruit off a tree, I think your tummy will be safe xx

  2. i have trouble when i eat pears. wonder why that is. i guess certain things are just hard to digest for certain people.

    1. absolutely, gut health is a big focus in naturopathy.

      “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

  3. I was in hospital a while ago and a tiny lady doctor had to describe to a more senior doctor the collected sample . She was very specific, no doors on the room I was in, and could not help overhearing her words. I think " runny gravy" was mentioned. Never be ashamed of descriptions, this part of life for us and every animal is SOOO important. We have ripe plums up here!!

    1. Hi Jean, sorry to hear you have been unwell. Hope you are fit as a fiddle again.

  4. Is this food you make yourself from a recipe?