Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year

 Merlin is enjoying being outside and sits on the ledge (not that I got a photo of that) crouched down low imagining he is hunting bunnies. I sure hope he can catch some... they eat my garden and dig burrows which is not good for livestock.
The Australian imposter's have moved in too. Not sure why, They have moved on the pukeko's (which is a good thing in a way as they eat my garden, but were fun to have hanging out). The magpies have been  dive bombing the hawks and winning. I sure do not want them driving them away. Come to think of it - there has not been many tui's about of late. The magpies better not try pecking me again or there will be war. I had to grab a stick and swing it around my head when I was walking in bottom paddock to stop them dive bombing Louie and I. (they must have a nest nearby).

Molly sharpening her claws. No photo of Bella tonight as she was eating her mince.

Hope the New Year is treating you all well. I didn't see the New Year in.. never do. But was miffed to miss the sunrise - such a wet windy start to the year here ... and it's meant to be summer but we had a fire on last night.

I've picked my word for the year and it is
..... I'll be a qualified, registered naturopath
.....I'll have time to finish designing the website
....I'll share the clinic set up planned
....I'll share about workshops 
....I'll be doing relaxing retreats for woman
...soon I'll have clean windows again and a weed free garden


we will have donkeys!


  1. Happy New Year to you and the family. Hope 2017 is a good one.

  2. Oh 2017 sounds exciting for you.

  3. Run rabbit, run rabbit run run run, the farmer will get out her gun. Lol.

  4. SOON! sounds good..........I'm thinking the bunnies are not that welcome?

  5. donkeys??? i can't wait! happy new year! those bad bunnies sure are cute!

  6. oooh Donkey's!! How exciting...great word!