Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Carrots, Whiskey and Cats

I was telling a friend that at least with my garden being abandoned due to full on swotting I am keeping the bees happy with the weeds flowering. 
Carrots are in flower and I hope they will still be around in a month to collect their seeds.
Oh I am looking forward to being back in my garden. Brent is planning a new vegetable garden for me... we are all looking forward to having organic home grown veges again.

Our family went to the movies to see Whisky Galore. Such an awesome fun movie - we all laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it,

Farm Stay Guests.

I've been taking my Ipad out to the cattery with me playing with the video settings and uploading them to Instagram. But some owners are not on Instagram so did a photo shoot today.

Pancho's grandma lives in USA and she likes to see his photos. On the video this morning - he ate a spider.... he is so not a city boy when staying on the farm.

Pinot is feeling much better and got up on top of the door shelf this morning... lucky Pancho had some treats in his bag, as my treats were in the outdoor runs. Thanks Pancho for sharing, we sure tricked Pinot and got him down mighty smartly with bribery,,

Molly having a snuggle... It cracks me up how most of the cats we bred love to be carried like a baby, we did this to them as kittens.

Bella having her own stepping stone. She looks grumpy here, but I think her ears are more choosing who to listen to Abbey or me... This was the best photo of Bella today.

Oh Milo how you do look like your mum Caro... he scrowls like Caro used to... gosh we miss Caro.

Muddy doing his pirate impersonation

Charles does seem to be pulling faces at the paparazzi...


  1. i haven't heard of that movie...i will check it out. can't wait to see your new garden!

    1. I can't wait to garden again... 3 weeks and counting