Monday, 19 December 2016

Weekend Over

 The strawberry bed is all weeded and protected from birds and rabbits. we have quite a few bunnies nibbling in my garden this year GRRRR! All of my bean seedlings have been eaten. I'm not too thrilled about that. Here is hoping we have some big juicy organic strawberries for Christmas Day. I prefer not to buy strawberries as they are one of the most heavily sprayed crops, plus home grown ones taste like real strawberries.

 James was well suited up, you can just see him in his white suit painting his streetstock race car.
I believe the next race he is in is on Boxing Day at Trentham - in the demolition derby. Not what mothers like to know - just saying! But I'm pleased he keeps himself busy and is enjoying himself. What more can a mum ask for?

Farm Stay Guests.

Man is was COLD on Sunday. The girls stayed snuggled up inside on their chair. I so wish to get a photo of them curled up together, but they hear me coming and always pop down to see me - or is it their dinner?

I've done 18 days of December Photo reflections on Instagram (Quite surprised myself) Today's prompt was what do you love .... gosh so hard for me who loves keeping busy and doing so many things. I chose the cattery as I do enjoy looking after the cats. I've been in owners shoes of late looking for a kennel for Louie to go in. NOTHING has come up to my standard.. If you know of any in Wellington area you would recommend let me know.

I do feel really privileged that owners trust me with their much loved cats to look after them while they go on holiday.

Earthquakes are all on our minds and the cattery is as safe as can possibly be but I am encouraging owners whose cats that NORMALLY wear collars to get a tag made up with my phone number on that they can pop on while here.


  1. It doesn't really feel like Christmas to me at the moment. Hope you get some strawberries in time. They were $2last week and $4 this week at our supermarket.

    1. Looks like we will get our strawberries. Louie would like to get the rabbits hopping around here. We are not embracing xmas this year - it will be a very low key event indeed.

  2. Yum! Homegrown strawberries sound wonderful! :)

    It's awesome that you are doing so well with December Reflections. Only two more weeks to go! :)

    1. I can't believe I've done everyday of the December Reflections.

  3. I've been looking for a solution to rabbits getting into my garden and eating all the carrot tops as soon as they come through. What is the secret to protecting the garden? Is that special rabbit fencing that you have, and how do you stop them from burrowing underneath? No-one seems to know round here.