Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day and officially now summer... we are still waiting for spring. Here is hoping the weather will warm up! But the first hollyhock has bloomed of the season so the warmer weather and sun must be coming.... (I hope soon feel very cheated by our lack of spring sun)

I got a free movie ticket for my birthday month from Focal Point movie theatre and us girls went and saw United Kingdom which is based on a true story. Very well done! 4.5/5 rating from us girls.

Farm Stay Guests...
The girls Molly and Bella will have quite their pick of boys as tomorrow Basil and Sammy arrive.

Milo and Muddy enjoying a bit of grass to munch on. It always looks a bit messy in photos but the cat sure enjoy me growing them some fresh grass.

Charles well he has slept for 15 hours of the day, as old gentlemen do...


  1. The movie looks fabulous! Thank you...............

    1. do yell if you see it, us girls loved it