Friday, 16 December 2016

Not off to a good start....

I'm always amazed and greatful how the plants will flower around weeds.
My Motherwort is flourishing and the poppies have made a lovely show.
I keep saying to myself this is only a season to have my garden neglected, come March when my naturopath studies are over I will have time to whip the garden back into shape.

The Lemon Verbena is flowering. So special!

Farm Stay Guests.

 I was given strict instructions to not let Molly put any weight on...

 Bella adored her mince tonight - wish I had the Ipad as she was growling eating it and dragging it across the floor like a carcass. Quite the hunter!

 Day one of staying here and ALL of the nuts have been eaten. The bowl was FULL and normally this would last most guests two days! Like man not off to a good start trying to not let Molly put on weight. BUT who is to say it was not Bella that pigged out?

I shall portion control and only give a little bowl for their Perfect Weight cat nuts.
One thing for sure owners do not need to worry that their cats will not eat here I suppose....

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