Thursday, 15 December 2016

Home for the Holidays.

I've enjoyed my wee break from blogging. back to it now we have guests at the FarmStay for cats..

What have I been up to?

Well I've been working me little brain super hard and have submitted all of my naturopath assignments. Yep ALL of them, Completed! SUCH a grand feeling. I have one left to be marked and I am hoping that will be before the college closes for the year. Now all I have to do is a Part B of a case study - which will happen early January and then sit my final exams. I'm doing them back to back. Sitting a three hour theory exam and then the very next day a practical exam which will be soo nerve wrecking as two tutors sit in and watch with their tick boards..... All going well I will be a qualified naturopath end of February. 
I can't believe I have got this far!
I began the studies in July 2013 and it was meant to take me 6 years working part time so I'm pretty chuffed to get it finished earlier. SOON the study will be over and I can have a life again! I have sooo many plans!! Having clean windows is first on the list and a weed free garden.

 I've been playing over on Instagram and one photo of the day prompt was What I have made.
Wacko I actually got knitting done in 2016 and I really did not feel like I did. Here is the link to my Raverly account (Abbey is teaching me how it works where you can keep a digital record of your projects and yarn). It's super fun once you learn what you are doing. Add me as a friend if you are on Raverly.

Miracles never stop! Abbey insists I swatch before I do my new knitting projects...

For the TreeHouse hat  I've had to do two swatches. I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn and so far my next swatch is on 5 mm needles

The swatch for the GeorgeTown cardi was spot on. I can NOT believe I am going to have a go at knitting a cardi for me. Can you? It is knitted in the round and will have very limited seams. I'm using New Zealand wool which is Outlaw Yarn Bohemia Sport a mix of 45% Polworth, 45% Alpaca and 10% Possum. The plan was for this to be casted on on my birthday... but as I still have to swatch for the Treehouse hat. I might start it tonight, SCARY.

My audio book from the library is Christmas Bliss a light listen. But what has been so wonderful is as I've been listening to the audio book I also have been following Brooklyn Knitfolk's Vlog mass and she has taken us to view New York

Here is the Vlogmass link to see the Christmas tree in Madison Square Park - and wacko my character in the book also went and saw the tree at Christmas time.

Ina Garten posted on her Instagram page the above photo of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center New York. And you guessed it, the Character in the book had just visited it and Brooklyn Knitfolk also did a Vlogmass about it. Like oh man soo on my bucket list ... that is IF I ever thought about getting on a plane... for now I'll just enjoy it via social media.

I'm next on the list for Ina's new cookbook. Just love love love the title! Cooking for Jeffery.

Farm Stay Guests...

Molly and Bella are home for the holidays. Their poor mum's car broke down right outside our gate. Which was perfect for the girls really as it was a terribly wet day. Molly and Bella were safe and tucked up in the cattery while their mum had to ring AA car service to help get her car going. So glad she brought the cats a day early before they fly out for their holiday tomorrow Imagine if it happened on the day of travel STRESS.

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  1. Got home ok. Just a little soggy as the heavens opened just before AA arrived. Kitties look comfy on their blankets. Missing them.

  2. Good for you finishing up all that work for your degree. It's been a long slog but worth the effort. I feel sure that you will do well with the finals.