Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Double Decker Demolition Derby

 I've never heard of a double decker demolition derby before in my life... but there goes our lad to be in one. He and his friend had a bet whoever won last nights demolition derby would race in tonight's one. They were up at sparrow fart welding and cutting, setting engines on fire. Telling me I am the best mum in the world to put up with such antics....
Congratulations to Marty whose family reads the blog and won last night. Sounds like everyone had such fun.
It is a boy thing as I sure do not get into it. But James and his friends are making memories and one day in an old person's home they can sit and tell tall tales to others of their youngin days.

Abbey and I stayed home and knitted and watched Victoria on Netflix - we are very much enjoying it!

Farm Stay Guests....

 Charles leaving his mark
 Milo having his evening scratch
 With Muddy first things first... eat...

 Merlin comes with all his bowls and food he likes. I love it when owners do this as it really helps make the change for the cats a bit easier.
 Merlin had a better day today and we have had big conversations. A little bit of temptation of dinner in bed... well he is on holiday.

Merlin seems a bit shy of the burmese girls looking at him.


  1. Congratulations to the winner and well done boys
    Yes I don't understand it either but my boys would love it 😍
    And yes. My daughter and I are more the stay at home and watch a great DVD set as well lol

  2. Mr Merlin looks a little homesick. We hope he settles in like the others.

    I am with you - a movie and couch suit me too. Glad the boys had fun.