Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day

I trust you all had a nice Christmas - ours was perfect. 
We relaxed, ate, played board games and chilled. 
Today it was back hitting the books studying. Extremely hard on such a sunny day. I am itching to get out and play in my garden,,,, I keep playing in my head what I will be doing in March when study is over... Top of the list is getting my potager garden in tip top shape and a compost bin going.

Farm stay Guest...

 Welcome Merlin, it is his very first visit and he has never been on holiday before in his life ever. So I feel very privileged to be looking after him. We have had a little pat but no purrs yet. Day one can be a bit tough but hopefully tomorrow he will not feel so homesick.

 Bella is not homesick one bit.

 Nor is Molly - honest once they eat the cats just chill out and enjoy their stay.

 Milo and Muddy
Charles turned just as I snapped...


  1. Merry Christmas Leanne! I must get back into blogging and like you I'm studying. Add in working part-time and there's not enough hours in the day sometimes xo

  2. Merry Christmas to you all. I had a chilled day with friends much like yours. The visitors all look chilled out and I am sure Merlin will settle in.

    Julie and poppyq