Thursday, 22 December 2016


The Knitmore Girls Podcast shared about the knitting collection of The Sound of Music Abbey is in. Here is the link to listen to it. . It begins at 50.10. (rather fun listening to it)

I've started the  TreeHouse hat  colour Tent or is it Trent? in  Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn. So far I am finding I've got to watch the pattern.. not a mindless knit which is what I really need.

I'm in full mode of swotting for exams and my brain is rather sore.
I received notice today that I had passed my very last EVER assignment. 
I did shed a tear as I tell you this has been one hell of a journey studying in my 50's through the teenage years and my other commitments has not been all rosie at times...  
BUT I Have NOT quit even tho at times I have sure wanted to.

The FINISH line is in sight....
and if you follow me on Instagram I shared a little of what my next plans are

Yep I'm collecting Emma Bridgewater mugs in flora and fauna styles and have plans to use them in my naturopath and herbalist workshops... 
Oh and I've been asked if I will still be doing the Farm Stay for Cats... the answer is sure will be.. 

Lots of fun exciting plans!
Farm Stay Guests...

 I got a text this morning that said: "Will b late. Sam gone Awol" Yep Sammy went walk about and changed the plan. He arrived home when HE was ready and not before.

 Basil and Sammy come every Christmas Holiday and just slotted back into  my routine.

 The only time I can get a photo of the girls being still for me is when they are eating.

 Muddy and Charles kept watch. We have a pheasant that is visiting. I'll do my best to get a photo.
Amazing the amount of different birds that are arriving here.

Milo giving me the hurry up for his mince.

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  1. you must be super proud of yourself and so pleased you stuck with it all, it can't have been easy at times. Best wishes!

  2. what a great time! i love the mugs, they are so you! no one takes care of cats better than you do!