Friday, 30 December 2016

Another Trip Around the Sun

 I had such a fun birthday. Brent left me a treasure hunt to find 6 envelopes... talk about bring out my inner child. I'm such a big kid. He knows me well and my love language is acts of service or quality time. In each envelope is a double pass to the movies. He plans to take me out to the movies next year lots which is one of my favourite things to do.
 Abbey made me a project bag - big enough for a sweater I plan to make - plus James and her brought me a knitting pattern I had wanted and the yarn too.. (I'll share that next week). It is sooo yummy and from Japan, but New Zealand wool.
 My friend Maria also made me a project bag... and my oh my look at that embroidery she did on it.
The detail and hours of work. Love it! She spoilt me rotten as I also got some yarn for my autumnal linen scarf I am knitting. Which I also frogged.
Talk about a New Moon in Capricorn!
I was very spoilt with more cards, messages and phone calls from friends.
 I smiled getting my card from my friend Maree, she knows I love my sheep..
 How could one not love sheep with such a view.
 I'm knitting a Baa-bles hat (which I had to frog) and will cast on my cross stitch New Years Eve- Virtues by Little House Needleworks The goal is to cross stitch one a month.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Bella was too busy wanting to rub around my legs
 But I did get a nice photo of Molly
As for wee Merlin we are now friends. He is eating well, talking and purring for me. Tomorrow I will try him in the outside run. I wonder if he has seen a sheep before?


  1. Happy birthday 🎉
    I really think the earth is speeding up. That trip around the sun is getting shorter and shorter every years!

  2. Happy Birthday Leanne. What a good gift from the hubby. I approve as I love going to the movies too. What a lovely sunny day for your special day.

    Julie and Poppyq

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday Leanne. Merls looks so much more relaxed and I'm so pleased to hear that he is talking and purring. I'm sure he will absolutely love it in the outside run watching the sheep. He's never seen one before so it will be very interesting to hear what he does. Thanks so much :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! Oh you were treated so well! Have a great year. :) Kit

  5. Happy Birthdfay Leanne. Glad to hear you had a fabulous day - what a lot of beautiful gifts you received!! Happy crafting - now that you will have a little more time to fit it in!

  6. happy birthday dear!! Also happy new year :)