Saturday, 12 November 2016

Special visitor

 All the spring rain has brought a visitor - a heron to the pond. Rather special! - It's not every day we have a heron in the backyard.

 I had the camera on me and snapped a quick photo of Freya, Cinders and Lordy who all share a bed.  I'd woken them up hence why they look sleepy. Laura has her own bed and that photo turned out blurry. Cinders has grown a white whisker..... quite cute really.

Farm Stay Guest.

Looks like I am scragging Pancho - but I'm multi tasking patting and trying to get a photo. He wasn't having a bar of sitting still tonight. I think he is sick of the rain too. Come on spring where is the warm weather???? All the cats have hotties tonight and we have the fire on.... Like really it is November and feels like autumn,

1 comment:

  1. We have our heater on to and was feeling guilty until we read your post. Sure feels yuch today and I am over all the rain.

    Julie and Poppy Q